Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "Inglorious Bassterds"

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So far, Chuck, Blair and Jack have dominated speculation, discussion, spoilers and even a New York window display revolving around the upcoming "Inglorious Bassterds."

These two sneak preview clips, however, focus on another story line entirely. Jenny is clearly asking for trouble once again, though not with drugs this time. With Serena.

In the first clip, she makes a play for Nate. It all starts innocently enough, but this is Jenny Humphrey. The girl is a magnet for trouble, and we don't see this ending well:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/inglorious-bassterds-sneak-preview-1/" title="Inglorious Bassterds Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second sneak peek from "Inglorious Bassterds," showing Serena's reaction as she learns birthday boy Nate canceled on his grandfather last minute ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/inglorious-bassterds-sneak-preview-2/" title="Inglorious Bassterds Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

What do you think of this brewing love triangle? Do you prefer Nate with Serena or with Jenny? And how do you think it'll play out on the show? Comment!

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Please IF Jenny needs an older guy let her go for Jack!


I am so looking forward to Jenny and Nate!!! They have been my favorite couple since Season 2. Not a fan of Serena in general. Her character is not that interesting, and her relationship with Nate is really bland- even the sex is not that interesting.


I loooove Dorota, she's so funny and I'm getting excited about GG again, because there going to be so much drama ( J and N and ofcourse Jack and Blair) DRAMAAA. :)


I don't understand why Jenny is so hated? Her story lines always bring out the darker side of Gossip Girl, which to me is quite interesting. I am a fan of Serena and Nate, however I'd also love to see how the whole Jenny/Nate thing goes. He'd bring out the best in her and personally I believe that would be quite cute to watch ;D


Nate and Serena sooooooooooooooo boring!!!! Well to easy putting them together Serena has fallen in love how many times this season?? I can't keep up...tripp...Carter??? Helloooo Jenny & Nate all the way!!! I want a little happiness for little J! And will Nate at least act like he goes to college! P.S love the website the UK dosen't have as much love for GG but I have enough love for GG to make up for the whole of the UK!


I know, this will make a few ppl annoyed, but why is Jenny a slut,whore,bitch.....just because you are an NS-fan.
Its okay if you prefer a pairing over an another one but why so hatred, and without real a reason. And don´t lets forget the fact that this is fiction!!
And do a few of you even know what slut means or do you just throw around with it? And here again[and sorry to the ones who are dedicated NS-fans and don´tt do this:)] we can see that while NJ fans say they prefer NJ and just let Serena alone, they may say they don´t have chemistry but they don´t automatically wish death or worse upon Serena, on the other hand the few NS fans here.....well read back, and not just here......and this makes me kinda believe that most of them are like 12-13.... ---
now MY comment:
-Serena+Nate=really pretty
____which means they look almost tooooooo pretty together[but after my opinion a couple should look hot and magical together] but I miss the depth and the real vibe or the storyline...i know it isn´t that long since they hooked up but the vibe must have been there..allá Blair&Chuck or Serena&Dan(yeah they really did have a great vibe, i guess it had to do something with the fact that they are privately involved with each other:)
I miss the passion...i mean they have a lot of hot sex scenes but eventually there have to be more and lets be honest considering the fact Nate claims since years that Serena is his BIG love, there should have ALREADY been more..
And lets don´t forget the fact that Nate´s attention-span considering women is really low...
i mean a typical Nate:
"oh, I love S,
so i have to break up with B,
but no I love B so I have to hook up with her again,
oh god no she slept with C,
now I love V,
but no i don´t,
oh i really like J so i write her a love-letter with my strong feelings for her
[a week or 2 later] you know what J, I don´t like you anymore,
so i don´t care if V messed us up
I wan´t to be with her...
but no I should try it again with B...
oh that didn´t work either...
i know, I am going to go with V to Europe....
you get what i mean:)----and this was a span of 2 years------
Well I do think for all this reasons that JN have maybe more potential,, and btw do you really believe that now where Josh S. brought together everybody [CB,NS,DV] that they are going to stick together for forever.......


Serena/Nate plotline is boring. It was too easy for them to just jump together. I love the show, but in truth, everyone i know thinks this season is kinda blah. I like Jenny's character becoming more like Serena pre boarding school. Plus Jenny and an older guy, hot.


Celine - ur totally right!!!
blair and nate are so awesome together!
most beautiful couple ever!!!!


Even Vanessa is more likable than Jenny.
I dont like Nate ,Serena or Jenny,But Serenate is 100000000000000X better than Nenny.I don't get the appealing of Nenny,I feel disgusting about Nenny. I prefer the boring Serenate atleast they look beautiful. One questione,why no have Blair and Chuck?


I would really like some Blair and Nate interaction.
Those 2 are cute and funny together

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