Gossip Girl Spoilers: What Did Chuck Do?

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What did Chuck Bass do?

We already wonderws that after the first promo for next week's episode, "Inglorious Bassterds," but now fashion designer Matthew Williamson has us even more intrigued.

That's because his storefront in New York's Meatpacking District is spreading Gossip Girl gossip with a window display of Blair, Chuck, and some mysterious, suited men ...

What Did Chuck Do?

Gossip Girl spoilers and fashion clash in a striking display.

The display itself is bleak, considering the fallen Blair and a heart-wrenched Chuck. There are three suited male mannequins adorned with fedoras and a fallen brunette mannequin in the Matthew Williamson dress Blair will be wearing in a future episode.

Perhaps the most upsetting part? The white blocked words pasted on the window which read "What did Chuck do?" Chuck! What did you do, indeed? You're killing us, man!

The other window has a lone male mannequin, in a suit with a Chuck-esque tie, grasping onto Blair's dress with the words "Tune In" plastered across the window. We will.

The most important part of the display, however, is the TV screen broadcasting a future Gossip Girl scene. The entire sequence is in black and white. Blair is lying in bed.

She gasps at a fedora-wearing man peering through her window. Suddenly, a suit army storms in and takes Blair. The next shot is Chuck running through the door. He falls to the ground and grabs onto the dress for what looks like dear life, sobbing.

Tune in to GG!

You better believe we will!

This scene (thanks to Sarah Lim for tipping us off!) has been a big hit for Williamson, and will surely get people talking. What do you think happens in the scene in question?!

Share your thoughts on this uniquely intriguing Gossip Girl spoiler below ...

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Elise of the upper east side

IF EVEN 1% OF CHUCK WANTS BLAIR TO SLEEP WITH JACK, HE IS A HEARTLESS GREEDY BA$$TERD AND THAT WILL RUIN THE SHOW because chuck is supposed to LOVE blair, and if he loved her he'd never ask her to do that and he wouldn't want her to do that AT ALL.


I think not only does Chuck ask Blair to sleep with Jack, but he changes his mind halfway through or something goes wrong, and he ends up hitting her out of anger.


so ive watched the itv trailer and i know what goes down as i have fixed the pieces together! OMFG! I dont think Chuck wants Blair to sleep with Jack but she does and he doesn't stop her because he really wants the hotel back. So she feels used in one of Chucks wars and thats how i think they break up! POOR CHAIR! dont kill the love! CHAIR FOREVER! x


did you see the uk promo? The preview might also contain bits from 3.18. And we can see that it's chuck who ask blair to sleep with jack.she says that he used her to get his hotel back...I still can't believe it, OMG What did you do chuck??? I m french , sorry for my english...


@misswaldorf. That's actually an interesting theory.


JAIR BABY? that's low and pretty sick. she should abort the baby if that happen.


Yay I hope he kills Jack! But OMG wasnt there supposed to be a pregnacy...? Well Jack and Blair would be pretty OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG


oh my god chuck, you are killing me.. what did you do so baddd??


Maybe Jack kidnapps her...

Elise of the upper east side

I hope blair secretly does it for chuck, chuck finds out and tries to stop it, blair realizes she could never sleep w/ jack b/c she loves chuck and for a million other reasons and changes her mind, and jack beats up blair. then chuck comes in to find jack beating up blair and does something to jack. that is what I want to happen, so I really hope it does b/c I don't want chuck to ever hurt blair!! it'd ruin everything. they haven't had ANY hot scenes ALL season, so i want whatever happens to make their love/passion/etc even more. also, if this scenario happened, it'd be awesome to see chuck come in and see blair hurt and get mad and stuff. like her hero!! ahhh i love chuck so i don't want him to do something bad!!! and I really don't want blair to sleep with jack!

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