Gossip Girl Spoilers: What Did Chuck Do?

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What did Chuck Bass do?

We already wonderws that after the first promo for next week's episode, "Inglorious Bassterds," but now fashion designer Matthew Williamson has us even more intrigued.

That's because his storefront in New York's Meatpacking District is spreading Gossip Girl gossip with a window display of Blair, Chuck, and some mysterious, suited men ...

What Did Chuck Do?

Gossip Girl spoilers and fashion clash in a striking display.

The display itself is bleak, considering the fallen Blair and a heart-wrenched Chuck. There are three suited male mannequins adorned with fedoras and a fallen brunette mannequin in the Matthew Williamson dress Blair will be wearing in a future episode.

Perhaps the most upsetting part? The white blocked words pasted on the window which read "What did Chuck do?" Chuck! What did you do, indeed? You're killing us, man!

The other window has a lone male mannequin, in a suit with a Chuck-esque tie, grasping onto Blair's dress with the words "Tune In" plastered across the window. We will.

The most important part of the display, however, is the TV screen broadcasting a future Gossip Girl scene. The entire sequence is in black and white. Blair is lying in bed.

She gasps at a fedora-wearing man peering through her window. Suddenly, a suit army storms in and takes Blair. The next shot is Chuck running through the door. He falls to the ground and grabs onto the dress for what looks like dear life, sobbing.

Tune in to GG!

You better believe we will!

This scene (thanks to Sarah Lim for tipping us off!) has been a big hit for Williamson, and will surely get people talking. What do you think happens in the scene in question?!

Share your thoughts on this uniquely intriguing Gossip Girl spoiler below ...

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OK GUUUYYYSSS!!! I just saw 2 pictures of episode 18! Chuck and Blair are together at Dorota´s wedding and they are in the same picture, smiling and all that so it seems they are ok! So I don't think they will break up in the next episode but I've heard rumors about them breaking up in episode 18 though.... But well, I'm very exited about the upcoming episode!!!


I think that This is something that Blair and chuck got planned together and that she never fully intended to sleep with jack. but maybe something ends up happening that Blair isn't okay with and Chuck just lets it happen.


enough with the Chair bad news pleaseee I cant take it anymore!
need some Chair good news badlyyyyy :(


Chuck hires ASSASINS to kill Jack. Why would Serena hint about a game of "Assasins"???


i totally think the M is right...that window is a BIG hint...that probably why the break because Blair wanted him to stop it maybe.
I hope the get back together ASAP. LOVE CHAIR FORVEVER!


He will KILL JACK. :D


Oh wow..I think that this is an interesting idea to promote both things together!
awesome, and seriously intriguing..the moment is going to be here in a week's time..and well..we have waited so long,its just a week..
alright,scratch all that...i can't wait!!!
I believe that somehow Ed should get more intense scenes-he is soo good in them!!like this week's epi
and he can get really intense, and well, looks like we're gonna have a mature version of season 2 Chuck missing Blair and dying inside to be with her. But what I don't understand is how does that spoiler abt Chuck standing on top of a building show? remember that one?
so..what's up with that?
I don't have any theories better than the ones you guys have :D


what the fuck?


As much as I adore Gossip Girl, I don't think I have ever been this intrigued when it comes to waiting for a new episode. I find it difficult to wait another week for the continuation of the show, however this is killing me!


can someone PLEASE tell me where i can watch this gossip girl black and white scene!!! please! i dont live in the U.S. so i cant walk into that shop on watch it on their t.v.... please SOMEONE! ANYONE!! TELL ME WHERE I CAN WATCH IT! please reply this message :)

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