Grey's Anatomy Casting (and Baby) News, Spoilers For Tonight

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We know Jesse Williams will be back next season, but what about Sarah Drew? The other two Mercy Westers have been let go, but the fate of Sarah's April is still unclear.

That may not change for some time. According to EW, we won’t know for sure what’s happening with her until the middle of June, when those decisions must be made by.

Meanwhile, EW confirms that the B-word (as in baby) will be broached by one of the show’s heterosexual couples before the end of the season ... who do you think it is?

Moreover, do you think someone's actually expecting? Could this be the season finale pregnancy shocker that's been teased for a yet-unnamed hour-long show this May?

Sarah Drew Picture

Will Sarah Drew be back on Grey's Anatomy next season?

In the more immediate future, tonight, look for Mercy Wester who may or may not have already been mentioned in this column to get on the nerves of Meredith Grey.

Also, two Grey's Anatomy characters will have sex for the first time, and there’s a wonderful scene between Seattle Grace-Mercy West’s current and former chiefs.

Finally, guest star Sara Gilbert's performance is being called Emmy material.

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I have only character on the show whom I really hate and that is this April girl. She is so annoying and when she appeared to steal Mer's surgery oh I so really freaked out. I wish she never got a regular role. And Team Avery:)


it could be anyone. meredith and derek... maybe. but how exciting that one would be :)
lexie... and ? yeah, most likely. what a storyline that would be...
it could BE anyone... we just have to wait so there's no point guessing coz most likely we will all be wrong :)


Shonda has said MerDer will not have a child, so that rules out Meredith and Derek. That would leave Mark and Teddy, Owen and Cristina, Ben and Miranda, Richard and Adele, Alex and Lexie, or Mark and Callie (via IVF) or maybe someone gets IVF treatment and there was a mix up and instead of being implanted with their embryos, Izzie's embryos were implanted instead and Alex finds out his gonna be a dad. The last would make an interesting story seeing how Alex would deal with being a father so unexpectedly. He'd be so enraged he would be asking how that could have happened considering all the protocols that needs to be done in order to have IVF treatment. They find out later that the other patient surname is Stevens and her first name starts with the letter I, so it is understandable why the mix up was plausible.

Call me meredith

I think it's MerDer, cause it said couple, and Mark and Lexie isn't a couple anymore, nor Owen and Teddy and Teddy and Mark the only actual couple is MerDer.


I think, Teddy and Owen will have a ONS, and Teddy´s gonna pregnant.


If it is heterosexual couple my money is on Lexie finding out she's pregnant, and Mark's the father.




@ana.. OMG. i agree ao much.. i honestly wouldnt be able to handle them having another falling out lol as for the b word. MERDER or SLEXIE


@anuflas I so with you on the subject. MerDer have to talk about babies at some point and the conversation better have a positive outcome, for the sake of my nerves. I can't stand another fall out with these two.


If it were going to be Mer, I think the father wouldn't be Derek, just to add drama. I hope its Lexie, though. *fingers crossed*

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