Grey's Anatomy Fires Two of the Mercy West Crew

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As we previously reported, Grey’s Anatomy will be down two doctors in Season Seven, with Katherine Heigl possibly added to that list later, but currently up in the air.

Both upcoming Grey's Anatomy dismissals involve Mercy West transplants, which has been rumored in recent weeks. Now we can confirm exactly which ones are out.

Entertainment Weekly confirms pink slips are being doled out to Robert Baker (Dr. Charles Percy) and Nora Zehetner (Dr. Reed Adamson), who won't be back this fall.

As for their fellow Mercy Westers, Jesse Williams (Dr. Jackson Avery) and Sarah Drew (Dr. Kepner), their status is unclear, but rumor is they may be around long-term.

Especially in the case of Williams, it's hard to imagine he won't. Jackson has played the biggest role this season among the Mercy Westers, and generates major buzz.

Mercy West Crew

TWO GONE ... and two to go? Or two to stay?

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes has until June to decide whether to exercise series regular options in both the actors' contracts. Do you think that she should?

As for Katherine Heigl’s oft-absent character, Dr. Izzie Stevens?

As we told you last month, she's on set and will reappear in April. But for how long? We have no idea, and we're not alone there. Confides an ABC source: “No one knows.”

Will you miss the departing doctors at all? Or is it good to actually trim the roster down somewhat? Do you want Katherine to be around next season? Comment away!

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Since the show started with Izzie as an important Dr. I think it should end with her. My only problem with Izzies character is she needs to quit being such a baby! She's always hurt or dealing with some sort of trauma.. trailer park,daughter,cancer,dead marriage and geez the Denny thing just went out to far! Her character as a doctor needs more dedication. She's kinda a soap opera Dr


I think they should keep Izzie Stevens... they took so much time talking about how she made it out of the trailer park and made her way to become a doctor. And for what? If they let her go it was a pointless success story. And, what about Alex? That was a short/hard/fast love story that has more to it.


I'm glad they're getting rid of Nosedive and Reed.. I like Dr. Avery and I think he should be with Little Grey. They're uber cute together. I'm also glad that Izzie is gone. Her character line was finished, bringing her back would just stretch out a plot that is long over done. Alex needs to move on with someone other than Little Grey. Mark Sloan is good with Teddy. Yang and Hunt belong together. They should have Webber back as the Chief because McDreamy sucks at it. And Meridith and McDreamy should not have any problems any more. Their relationship has been given too much attention already. They need to be given the healthy relationship persona now.


As for the Mercy Westers - except Jesse Williams (Dr. Avery) for me they could all go right tomorrow... None of them has been an interesting character to me or has raised any sympathy. Williams is good, all the others not.


I love Jackson as well! I can see him with Cristina. Richard is in love with Teddy - stick him with her. Put Sloan with Callie - they understand each other so well. Besides her girl just told her some disturbing news...she doesn't want children! hmmmm there goes that one! Oh - Izzie was too emotional with the patients anyway. She (the actress) got a big head when she had those great scenes with the dying boyfriend - the show center's around Grey NOT Izzie! She can go - I won't miss her. BTW- can you give Richard his job back? McDreamy is boring as Chief and I don't like him as much in that role.


of course i definetly want katherine heigl back and full time in season 7. she is the center of the show, she is the better character.
please shonda PAY WATEVER, but we need izzie come back soon ( and with alex or mark sloan)


Oh! And NO, I will not miss any of the two docs that'll be fired AT ALL!! It was just being too much - too much characters, too much storylines, too much confusion, and NO sense on that at all!


It's really sad not to see Izzie very often on Grey's; however, it makes me mad the fact that she seems not to care a lot about the show anymore, with her several Hollywood projects. I know there's the maternity leave, and that I totally understand, but we all know that's not the only thing.
Despite all that, I still miss Izzie, and I think her character is fundamental to the show's ending. They already let George go, so it does not feel like the good old days of GA anymore. SO my vote is for Izzie to be back and finish what she began.


Glad those 2 mercy westers are gone. Really glad the other two are staying.
They NEED to bring Izzy back, like 4 episodes ago. She needs to be with Alex. I like little grey but not with Alex. Sloan needs to hit his knees and tell Lexie how he feels. They had potential. Sloan is just being a dog now. Izzy needs to come back soooon!


Can't wait for Nosedive to disappear - he's so annoying and has been from the begininng! Don't care about the women. Avery is frickin HOT, keep him! He fits in with the other Seattle Grace male doctors! Bring Izzy back - she fixed Alex and then broke him again, how can you let that happen?! Even if she doesn't come back full-time next season, keep Alex & her married and bring her in every now and then. Maybe she could become a stay-at-home MOM or something! Love Izzy, wish she was happy & would stay with Grey's.

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