Grey's Anatomy Writers Torn Over Latest Love Triangle

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Grey’s Anatomy does the warp again thing again tonight, flashing back to Owen and Teddy’s stint as Army medics in Iraq and shedding light on the duo’s pre-Seattle Grace life.

The Iraq scenes will also show the origin of Owen’s PTSD. In an interview, Kevin McKidd spoke on Owen's obstacles, and how the Teddy situation has sparked so much debate.

Including among the very people who write Grey's Anatomy for us ...

Q: How much do we learn about Teddy and Owen in this episode?

Kevin McKidd: The episode’s more about Owen being triggered by something that’s happening at Seattle Grace, and it brings all these [emotions] back to the point that he feels like he’s almost back there. That’s what brings us to the flashbacks.

Owen and Teddy Pic

But it definitely shows the audience what kind of friendship [Owen and Teddy] had and the tough [conditions] they worked in. It also explains one of the reasons why Owen has PTSD. It shows viewers an incident, a very traumatic incident, that happened in the desert.

Q: What is the fallout, if any, from these flashbacks for Cristina and Owen?

Kevin McKidd: I think what’s really interesting is that it sheds more light on Owen and Cristina’s day-to-day life as a couple and what sort of pressures they have to deal with.

It shows the pressure that Owen’s living under and also the pressure Cristina has to deal with having a partner who has this pressure cooker inside his mind ... You start to see some habits forming that maybe aren’t quite so healthy.

Q: Rumor has it Teddy’s going to hook up with Mark. What impact will that have?

Kevin McKidd: I don’t know. I can tell you that it is very nebulous at the moment in the writer’s room. I think it’s a very complicated situation. They created this very complicated construct of a triangle that is more complicated than most triangles.

All I’ll say is that there have been heated debates and differences of opinion about where this is headed and what it's going to be ... Whatever it’s going to be, it’s going to be revelatory before long. To me, it feels like the complication hasn’t disappeared.

Q: But is it safe to say his and Cristina’s main obstacle will center on Owen's PTSD?

Kevin McKidd: I think that definitely will come into play. And I’m really excited about that because I think that’s a very adult problem. I think many people and many wives and loved ones of veterans are dealing with, ”Where am I in this?"

"I know this person has a problem, but what am I getting out of this? Where is my life now? And even when there is love, when there’s a problem like this, is that enough?”

That’s a really interesting story, and that’s definitely the same for Cristina and Owen. It’s a thing that’s not going away. Like Dr. Wyatt said in the season premiere, it can get better, it may be something that can be handled and managed, but it never really goes away."

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i hope arizona agries to have a baby


anyone else notice alex seems to have no big role these days? he was in like one scene last week


(pressed the submit button by mistake) the point is, is that the writers may choose to go down the Teddy/Owen romance road, but if they do, then I think they have to know it'd would be VERY hard for them to get back to the Owen and Cristina relationship we fell in love with last season. And in the past the writers and KMK have said that Owen and Cristina are end game and that they are big fans of the relationship. IDK, this is all speculation and musings of a C/O fangirl but i think it makes sense. For sure though, I think almost EVERYONE is a little bit annoyed with this triangle and just wants it to be solves already.


Allot of people are saying that they think that Owens going to cheat on Cristina with Teddy based on last episode. Now no one has anyway of really knowing whats going to happen until the season plays its self out but I do know for a fact that if Owen does cheat on Cristina, then there is no way that the writers would ever be able to salvage their relationship in future seasons. I just don't see how they could build up Owen's character again to the point where the viewers would actually believe that he deserves as second chance with Cristina. Crisitina has been nothing but supportive towards Owen and his issues and yes she did want to trade him for surgery but its who she is and that doesn't make her a bad person. That's what that whole episode was about, Crisitina realizing that she needs surgery AND owen.


I agree with Renee 100%, I viewed it the same way. Decidng to have a baby a hard decision to make.

Mumbles cit

is more of love square


@Sharon..I did not read Calzone's baby scene the smae way you did. I saw Callie tell Arizona that she HAD to have a baby in her future, then I saw Arizona pull away and retreat...but no breaking up. Perhaps Arizona needs some time to think about what it is she really does want in the future. Promising to have a baby with someone is not something you decide on immediately. Maybe with some thought put into it Arizona will realize that it isn't that she doesn't want to have a baby, maybe all she is really sure of is that she herself has no desire to be pregnant.


Shame on you Greys for splitting up the best couple the show has seen with the exception of Meredith and Derek!!!! - Callie dumping Arizona like that is atrocious!!!!!!!! I for one give up on Grey's and I have loved this programme since the day it began but that awful episode - My heat broke for Arizona and - considering a month or so ago they were declaring their love for each other and now Callies dumping her well it's just rude, mean and utterly ridiculous - !!!!!!!


i love mark and teddy :)


i honestly don't get why people dislike teddy. idk.. just sayin :)
i know the triangle drama thing might start to seem kinda lame but teddy's character not that bad, i gotta say. she still manages to stick around even tho she has to see owen be with cristina, and she still teaches cristina. cristina's happy when teddy's around, and i mean isn't it better to see her that way?
plus teddy's hookin up with mark so that MIGHT be a way to finally solve the triangle.
oh and i agree with ana114 hopefully all this triangle thingy will end up with something significant for the characters.
anyways let's see what they got here with all the owen war drama. it might be interesting to know why n how he got ptsd.

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