How to Make It in America Review: "Big in Japan"

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Last night on How to Make It in America, the guys got their chance to make It happen - but what happened with their jean sample?

The sample they were eagerly waiting to get, turned out to be one of the weirdest pair of jeans we've ever seen! It was kind of hilarious to see Ben try them on.

Why were they so high waisted?

Picture of Ben

"Big in Japan" kept us guessing what would come from this meeting with the investor. Who knew that Ben's shirt would be such a hit? How will they be able to mass produce 300 of them in less than two weeks?

Finally Rene was back in the picture this week. We love his character! Why on earth would he have anyone keep a package of one hundred grand for him? Seriously, that was just stupid planning on his part.

The more we get to know Rachel the better we like her. Who would have thought she would be down with doing ecstasy? Not that we are advocates for drugs - (never done ecstasy in our lives)  but we pegged Rachel to be more of a square (like us).

Who would have ever guessed Daren would be down to make-out with another man? We've heard stories about people on ecstasy and the crazy stuff that you get into, but homosexual escapades? This was not something we saw coming! And by the look Rachel gave Daren, she didn't either!

Overall, we are loving this new hit show! The main characters are great and we love tuning in each week to see how our duo will make It! What did you guys think of last night's episode?

Until next week, we leave you with a few of our favorite How to Make It in America quotes after the jump!

Ben: If we are going down, we are going down together. | permalink
Rachel: Eddie - do you know where I can find Ex?
Eddie: Top drawer on the left. | permalink
Eddie: (to Rachel) Are you ready to move on? | permalink


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I have a little bit different of an opinion. I watch how to make it in america and I promise unlike united states of Tara I will most likely toon in every episode because I want to see what happends next. The problem is I feel like I'm writing the show before I see the episode. It's like you make a joke with your roomates after they get the money for the sample "what happends next there's an issue with the sample? Then there is.... What happends next rachels perfect boyfriend isn't so perfect ... And he's gay... Make that dude the man, and have Rachel break the main characters heart for working at sax and trying to start a gene company without a business plan or any experience ... He made tshirts in highschool and was stylish? So sell Tshirts... Apparently thats what china wants. So next week we can watch them almost get the t-shirts made and then hit it even bigger then we thought they would (END SCENE, ROLL THE CREDITS) or leave them in a whole thy have to climb out of nex week. where the tshirts aren't ready in time and they are stuck with the cost of the shirts and no buyer. This show actually is entourage starring E, turtle if he wasn't a pot head, and no Ari.... Atleast give me a Drama .... I just don't like the predictability of the show. Like entourage Vince gets the movie, Vince doesent get the movie ... Up and down ... And now they are aware of the overused equation of highs and lows while living the American dream and they are experimenting with the supporting actors stories. I just don't see any suprised coming from this show. It's decent but certainly no entourage, and too unrealistic. Entourage already layed the blueprint for this type of show. the problem is that they did first, they did it better, and the characters were more likeable and realistic. Why wouldn't

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