Kate Walsh on Addison-Sam Story Line: I Like Where it Goes!

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Private Practice fans can all agree on one thing regarding this season's will they / won't they courtship of Addison and Sam: It's something they feel strongly about.

In which direction? That's another story.

How does Kate Walsh feel about her character's exploits? Should Addison and Sam cool it and be friends, or is there something there? What about Addison and Pete?

In a recent interview with E!, Kate had this to say about Sam-Addy love: "Yeah, it's pretty polarizing, but I can't even comment. I'm too embroiled in the character."

"I like where it goes though."

Hmm, what do you make of that?

Sam and Addie

Old friends ... and new lovers?

Whether you think they are made for each other or attempts to bring them together are the dumbest thing in the history of the show, Sam and Addison get fans talking.

Addison should totally be with ...

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I love Addison and Sam together! As an African American male who has major hots for Kate Walsh I can live vicariously through Sam!


Addison should be with Sam...


I dont like addie/sam together, I just like the pairing of Addie/pete and lucas. So great they are.


I just watched Thursday's episode and was appalled. When Sam was forcing that kiss on Addison it was not even remotely sexy. I felt like he was some creepy rapist attacker. Stop pushing this on the viewers and leave her with Pete, they are hot together! I've been waiting for this since she left Grey's Anatomy for Private Practice after Pete kissed her.


ABC please stop! Sam and Addison have ZERO chemistry together! I literally cringed when he kissed her this week. It is so forced. Trust me, I am not the only one dry-heaving over this!


I love this show and I love Addison and pete and Lucus together, violet bailed on her kid?? That's not a mother!!


Addie and Sam forever :) Best chemistry on the show and the hottest couple. Pete is old news (and old).


Pete and Addison have NOTHING on Addison/Sam!
Addie/Pete don't look right together. I've never seen any chemistry between those two. Whereas Addie/Sam just feel right to me. They would make a beautiful couple!


I don't like Addison and Sam together. Addison needs a stable man in her life and that is Sam as her friend if they get together and have a relatioship and something happens between them she will lose him as the stable friend. I would rather her be with Pete and not just because they are HOT HOT HOT together. If she is not with Pete I want them to bring in someone else that is not Sam. Plus I don't like Violet and Pete together they are boring.


I wquld not want to be considered a racist or biggot, but I think the show is too "in your face" with all the mixed couples. Naomi is now in a biracial relationship, so is Sam, Maya married a white boy, and the last few episodes have featured a black man/white woman relationship. I think the show is trying to make a political statement and this is not the place for it.

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