Katherine Heigl on Grey's Anatomy: I Am Done

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Erasing the one percent of doubt that may have lingered regarding the ongoing saga, Katherine Heigl has confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that she is leaving Grey’s Anatomy.

“I am done,” the Emmy winner said. “We just finalized our agreement. Everyone had been working really hard to find an amicable and gracious way of letting go and moving on."

"It’s sad but it’s what I wanted.”

Well, the 31-year-old is nothing if not candid. She reveals that it was family issues, not her burgeoning film career, that prompted her to approach series creator Shonda Rhimes.

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SO SORRY: Is Katherine Heigl really?

“I started a family and it changed everything,” says Heigl, who took a three-month leave from Grey’s this season to bond with her newly-adopted daughter, Naleigh, and is now free of her contract 18 months early. “It changed my desire to work full-time.”

Although she was scheduled to appear in this season’s final five episodes, that is no longer happening. As a result, the January 21 episode was her final one as Dr. Izzie Stevens.

“I know I’m disappointing the fans,” she says. “I just had to make a choice. I hope I made the right one.” Was it? You tell us by leaving comments and voting in our poll below:

How do you feel about Katherine's exit from Grey's Anatomy?

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You all be smarter that this. Heigl and TR wanted out of there contract forever. They got it. They wasn't thinking about the fans or there bosses when they made there decision. And if you ask me there decision will come back to bite them in the ass. Have we seen one thing TR has done that has been headline worthy??? NO!!!!!!!! Nearly everyone on the show are parents. But they still manage to come into work and do there job. Hell Ellen worked right up till she had her baby and didn't miss and episode. Now that is a dedicated actress.


It seemed like just a matter of time for a WHILE now. I will really miss Izzie Stevens, but I won't miss KH. The thing is I really think she is a fantastic actress in the show. I wish she had a proper send off, but this whole season has been pretty bad. I think it's about to turn a corner, though.


Ok, I'm bitter now. I hate the picture. Don't patronize me KH! Enjoy the time "off". I could say that in 5 years from now you'll be crying. But GA has gone to sh#t! You're probably better off.


KH fired her former publicist and hired a replacement. I'm sure that publicist told her that leaving to spend more time with her daughter will sound better to her fans. They've forgotten that she has been wanting to get out of her contract for three years now. They've forgotten that she's made numerous movies and gone to numerous premieres. I guess that didn't take her away from her daughter. She could have come back and completed the season and given closure to her character. But of course the reality is she is only thinking of herself. She should have shown professionalism which would have benefited herself and the show. She did not consider the show, her fellow castmates and her fans. And this article is another halfbaked response to the bad press she is getting.


clearly-a full time job(where there is a 17 hour day) a movie career(two that she is still filming, one that is already filmed) and a one year old adoptive daughter with a year (two year?) brand new marraige! hell yeah she made the right choice! as of now- heigl is probably making more money doing movies then she is on greys. although she could have made an exit episode but they kind of already did? i mean what kind of overdramatic exit did we fans want? she would have came back and not have made up with alex. anyway--katherine heigl made the right choice in my opinion...i believe that this is her reason to leave because she never had a problem speaking her mind before-so why would she now that she's out of her contract? exactly. :) i'll miss you iz. :(


Sad to see her go but she'll regret it. This was her "big break" and she should have rode it until it lasted. I mean, look at the Friends cast, they haven't really done anything decent since. Too bad, she'll regret it.


Do I think she really left because of her family? "NO" I think she left because even before kids she was wanting out. I do however believe that basing it on the kids is a good approach or "good politcs". Do I think they could have written her character off better? "NO" She was ready to go why continue to write scripts and put time and energy into a character who doesn't want to be on set. It is bad energy for all involved.


While I respect her decision on leaving, especially meaning family time, I call crap on half of it. She should've just admit she doesn't want to be there anymore. Haha, I also thought of Britney Spears on her cover like that. I don't get why they made KH pose like that. Seems hypocrite.


Who are we to judge about her choices or reasons, whatever they are?! If I quite my job, no one can blame me or judge me, cause it's MY job, MY life... How is this any different for a tv-star like KH?! (Are we really that selfish that we'd rather want someone to be unhappy so that we won't miss some character on tv? Really?!) I think her story ended perfectly well. They could but didn't 'kill' her but gave her a new life (which is actually quite realistic, many people start over after surviving sh*t like this).
Hope Alex turns out fine, he deserves some happiness!!


Well I am very glad that's cleared up because it seemed to drive everyone on this forum crazy. I actually believe that her daughter would be a reason for leaving GA because honestly the woman does spend a lot of time with her family (her mom is her manager!) It may have costed her a lot of fans but IMO without family you don't have anything. For people who don't believe that was the reason: Shonda Rhimes could have killed KH's character end of S5 and that could have also ended her contract but she didn't which means that KH didn't expect all these things to happen so quickly. I mean a movie career, a TV show and a family??? That's overkill so she chose movies and her family which to me is up to her. I just wished that there would be one more episode as well with her but oh well. I want closure with Izzie's character and honestly the writers can do it without KH. I wish her the best of luck with all her future endevors

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