Life Unexpected Review: "Crisis Unaverted"

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Life Unexpected really showed us the whole meaning and reasons why it is best to tell the truth. As much as it hurts to do so sometimes, it is always better than telling a lie. Lies never stay buried for long and when the truth finally does come out the consequences for lying make the whole situation worse.

Point in case, Cate. Cate had the ability to tell Ryan the truth and decided that lying to him was the better option - even though she had a huge talk with Lux to do just the opposite.

A Good Stretch

We like Cate and want this underdog to have it all - the loving husband, the great career, and the kid she gave up sixteen years ago to finally really love her back. Right now, it looks like she might not have anything (what will happen to their careers as a morning duo if they are not together?).

"Crisis Unaverted" really was all about Cate this week and the drama that surrounds her life. She really is turning into that type of mother that says one thing and then completely goes against her own word.

Why would she tell Lux that she would be there for her if she only meant it as a stipulation? Lux was basically begging her to do just this one thing for her and even pointed out that she said she would be there for her, but Cate couldn't do it. We were irritated with that, but we know that Cate is still learning how to become a (good) mom.

There were some mildly humorous storylines involving Baze. How awesome was it when he started to annoy Ryan? As big of a kid as Baze still is, it is weird to see him naturally become such a good father.

Since Lux is now down two of the most important people in her life, will that mean she will open herself up to new friends? Jones having the hots for Lux probably won't make bonding with the other girls in her grade any easier.

How great was it to not only see the bong lamp this week, but have it be brought up in conversation? We missed it.

Until next week, we leave you with a couple of our favorite Life Unexpected quotes after the jump!

Cate: Sleeping with Baze again was the biggest mistake of my life. | permalink
Baze: Do you even care that that guy is bogarting my father duties? | permalink
Alice: (to Cate) You are so Days of Our Lives - I am going to have to tune in at one just to watch you. | permalink
Cate: That's what breakups do - they confuse things and make you doubt yourself worth. | permalink


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I'm a teenager, but I have never tried to get my mother or father fired. Neither have any of my friends that I know of. Cate made a honest mistake, and Lux decides to get up there and jeopardize her career? She always seems to take out her anger on Cate while annoying Baze gets praised. Baze needs to catch some of it!!!


I don't think Lux was trying to get Cate fired - I think she was acting like any angry teenager would do - her actions were clearly present before her thoughts. Come on, what teenager sits down before doing something that dramatic and thinks about her consequences??? Cate's an adult and should start acting like one, especially since she is now a parental figure in a sixteen year olds life.


I'm sorry, but I agree with Jenny. Lux's behavior goes far beyond just normal teenager behavior. Trying to or almost getting your mother fired from her job is not normal teenage behavior!


I agree that Lux should not have outed Cate and Ryan's relationship the way she did, but I think Ursula is right - she is just a teenager who has many reasons to act out the way she did. Look at her life - she always had to face neglect. I don't think Cate is fulling trying - everything seems to be on her terms and conditions. That is not the proper way to parent a 16 year old who just got back into your life (only court ordered, not because she wanted Lux in the first place). Lux is reaching out to her and Cate "just can't" be there for her.


I am fully aware how old Lux is. Doesn't make it right for her to be acting like this though.


@Jenny Do you remenber that Lux is only 16 of age here?


Ugh, I just can't stand it. Tonight's episode just really upset me. The way she treated Cate. It just seems like Lux expects Cate to be this perfect mother who can't mess up or make mistakes ever, and Baze can do no wrong. So much hostility towards Cate, but absolutely none for Baze? Tonight's episode just took me back to the episode where Lux got up in front of the audience, and announced on the microphone that Ryan and Cate were dating. With complete disregard for Cate's career. I mean, I'm trying to like Lux. But right now... honestly, I don't. I still love the show though!!!

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