More Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "The Lady Vanished"

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With the dust having settled from the crazy return of Gossip Girl, "The Hurt Locket," attention is now focused on next week's exciting installment, entitled "The Lady Vanished."

Yesterday we posted a photo gallery and several promos from the March 15 episode, which features major developments for Jenny and Damien, as well with as S, N and B.

Speaking of the latter group, Blair totally busts Nate in a big lie. What do you think Chuck could be up to here? Here's the first of the two newest clips from Monday's Gossip Girl ...

[video url="" title="The Lady Vanished Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

Follow the jump for another preview from "The Lady Vanished," in which J and her drug dealing beau hash out the night's big plans. Dinner and Endless Nights on DVD? Hardly ...

[video url="" title="The Lady Vanished Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

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Nate and Blair as friends = amazing. I'm also really liking this whole Jenny/Damian thing. I mean I really didn't like him at first but after "The Hurt Locket" I'm really into the whole thing, I hope it lasts for a while.


Oh my god I think I'm going to really enjoy Jenny/Damien. I find her so much less annoying with him. Glad the writers are tossing her an actual storyline. And lol at Blair. She's hilarious. And Nate seriously can't lie :)


Tiana NJBC stands for Non judging breakfast club i think.. it's from an episode in season 1 in which Blair, Nate and Chuck are asking Serena about the incident with that guy who died because of drugs


but I think Blair and Nate clearly have no more chemistry!
she's not jealous of him sleeping with S and he's not jealous of her with C
they are better off as best friend!!!
Chair forever^^


Blair brings life to Nate's character.. Chuck and Blair represents what I call too much of a good/bad/some thing is a bore. Guys, I love chuck and blair (and I think their love is awesome) but they are so much better apart. I mean, they are good together but they somehow get boring. There is a reason why the book is for Nate and Blair. opposites attract. As for Serena and Chuck, their characters are much better hanging loose and having no commitments.. relationships bring them down, makes them less serena and chuck, they are both the wild childs at the start of the season. I think Nate and Blair are the individuals fit to have a partner, not necessarily them together but I would not mind.:D I also think, that us trying to comment and sway the writers to create storylines we like by threathening not to watch the show make them confused and thus making GG a so-so series. Let us let them be and give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to how GG will go. When they had it in season 1 and we were not trying to manipulate GG, the series was at its finest. Peace y'all.:D


I gotta ask: what's NJBC? I can only think of Nate Jenny Blair Chuck... but I don't think that's right?


"And Lily being rich and all.. can't Jenny get her own room? Did Dan get a room of his own or is he sleeping with Eric?" Dan is living at the loft in Brooklyn and not with the Van der Woodsen-Humphrey's.


i miss N and B!!!!!!!!!! the epic couple!!!!!!1


I didn't like Jenny's SL before but I got to admit, I kind of like her with Damien. And what's the song playing during that scene with Damien??? More NJBC scenes please! I totally enjoy it when they plot together.


I agree about Nate and Blair. I like the interaction between them as well. I always kind of missed them as a couple. i love Chuck and Blair, but I'm tired of her always going after him. I prefer it when Chuck chases Blair a bit. I could care less about Serena, but I do like she and Blair being buddies. We should definitely have more of Blair and Nate. I like Chuck being jealous of Nate with Blair.
And if Serena is living at Blair's, is Blair also living there? Nate is living at the hotel with Chuck, right?

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