NCIS Interview: Mark Harmon on Gibbs' Future

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NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan’s tease that Mark Harmon's Gibbs will be forced to make a “life-changing decision” this May has fans wondering what that entails.

Theories are in no short supply, but one of the more alarming is that Gibbs' actions, which “will impact every member of the team,” mean Harmon may be leaving the show.

Is there any legitimacy to that? The actor himself weighed in to EW.

“I don’t think so, but I don’t know for sure,” Mark Harmon said. “That may not stop them from getting rid of me, but I’m having a blast. That hasn’t changed since day one."

"I have no plans to leave. I have a contract with significant more time on it. That may not stop the producers from getting rid of me, but I have no plans to take myself out.”

That settles that, but still leaves the question of what crisis will befall his character at season’s end and how it ties into Rena Sofer’s lawyer/lover character, M. Allison Hart.

Gibbs on the Scene

What will the ramifications of Gibbs' big decision be?

“Whatever [fans are] thinking, they’re wrong,” Harmon says.

“It is never the obvious [thing] on this show. As always, these writers make you think something but it is almost never what you think will happen. I think that it's good to keep people guessing, especially after seven years."

“I think it is time to see these people away from their job and with their girlfriends or family. It is time to let out some of those nuggets. We’ve earned them. Fans come for the procedure but we have earned the right to break off another piece of the puzzle.”

Getting back to the big May season finale mystery, Harmon hints that although Sofer’s character plays a part, however “she is not alone. Others will play a part, [too].”

As for what brings another attractive Gibbs adversary, D.C. madam Holly Snow (Dina Meyer), back to NCIS? “Gibbs will use her in an investigation,” explains Harmon.

“She is an interesting ally, an odd ally, an uncomfortable ally in some ways. But the writers like what Dina did before. A madam character is really pretty fascinating.”

Any NCIS season finale theories? What's in store for Gibbs? Are you satisfied with how the season has been shaping up so far? Comment away.

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Don't get rid of Mark Harmon and he doesn't need a steady girlfriend, we single women like him just the way he is. Would be nice to see more of Palmer. The show is great and I've purchased all of the seasons so far. Cutting any of the cast would be a disaster. Have a great season and enjoy.


NCIS is the greatest and I have watched Mark Harmon grow over the years and I only watch his show and NCI LA all week. The show is the glue that makes it all work. Like peanut butter sandwich without the jam. But that lawyer is not good enough for him. What happened to a real woman that cooks, family oriented and a suportive womans but works out in the field of law/order.


If Mark Harmon leaves the show so will I - without him there would be no show!!!


If Mark Harmon leaves the show, I probably will not watch it. He is the one that makes the show.


Please please please from a massive fan in Australia DO NOT GET RID OF GIBBS. U will totally ruin the show if u get rid of mark Harmon.


Mark Harmon must stay. The cast, as is, is perfect. Peripheral characters are fine but, Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Timothy, Abby and Duckie are the lifeblood of the show.


Gibbs can't leave the show...he is the show.....however Ziva is my it when she kicks butt. Can't see Gibbs with that lawyer...I just don't like her. Rather see him with Holly the hooker


Gibbs can't leave the show...he is the show.....however Ziva is my it when she kicks butt. Can't see Gibbs with that lawyer...I just don't like her.


I feel that Gibbs is the show how ever i would like to see some of the J.A.G characters that officially launched N.C.I.S somehow make their way back into the show's plot somehow especially since i believe that Rabb could easily play the director of N.C.I.S and it would add an extra little tension between Gibbs and the director if Gibbs had to answer to a man he almost put in jail..... what do you all think about that


if Gibbs leaves ncis I will stop watching the show.and alot more will too.not having him on the show is crazy.he makes the show..

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