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Presenting: The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest!

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TV Fanatic is happy to announce the debut of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, a fun weekend tradition we began for Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl years ago.

This week's winner for the first ever TVD edition: atheart282.

Congratulations! The winning entry for this photo from "A Few Good Men" appears below. Honorable mentions go to Fred Whitley, Vampy Chic, and KelseyRemi.

We'll announce the winner next Friday. Good luck!

Alaric and Stefan

Alaric: So it's flashback season for the TV networks. I've had mine, you've had yours. Apparently we're all connected.
Stefan: I blame Lost.

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    @Stella awesome!


    Stefan: You're staring at me like you can see through my clothes
    Alaric: Well its not fair only vamps can, i mean you're really hot
    Stefan: (Flustererd) No we cant............ and uhhh Im with Elena
    Alaric: And im with Jenna so what


    Alaric: "I'm sorry I just don't find you attractive." Stefan: "How could you not I'm f***in gorgeous. "


    stefan and alaric talk about how jenna tells alaric about elena and how her birth mother is alarics wife isobelle , and alaric asks if stefan knows anything about what damon did to her


    Alaric : "You look nothing like the picture you sent me, Steffie1864. Damn dating sites !"


    Stefan:(thinking)So if Isobelle is Alaric's husband and Elena's mother does that make Alaric Elena's step dad?And if Damon killed Alaric's wife,that must mean he killed elena's mother.oooooohhhhhhh,Damon's in some serious shiz! Alaric:(thinking)Wow,this guy has nice eyes!


    Alaric (embarrassed): Could you tell me where the bathroom is?
    Stefan? (raising eyebrows): Do we need them?
    Alaric (slow whisper): I want to scream out lound that i hate to see Elena with you. I love her


    Alaric: So it's flashback season for the TV networks. I've had mine, you've had yours. Apparently we're all connected.
    Stefan: I blame LOST.


    Alaric (thinking): Sure, I can treat this 17-year old who looks like he's compensating but is really 162 so he doesn't need to compensate like my equal...or maybe my better.


    Alaric: So I die and come back to life?
    Stefan: Apparently.
    Alaric: Because of a magic ring?
    Stefan: That's what the script says.
    Alaric: Seriously?