Season Finale Pregnancy Shocker Ahead ... But Who?!

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A character on a popular one-hour drama is going to be pregnant on the season finale of her show. That's according to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. But who is it?

Apparently it’s a series that gets a lot of PR on sites like EW and this one, and "its rabid following is one of the scariest, most enthusiastic around." Hmm ... Gossip Girl maybe?

Oh, and the character who is expecting is perhaps the last one you’d expect.

Any theories? We've thrown out a few below ... submit yours and we'll add it!

B the Beauty
  • Blair Waldorf or Serena van der Woodsen, Gossip Girl: Either Upper East Sider would work as both are in sizzling relationships, and GG is due for a bombshell.
  • Jenny Humphrey, Gossip Girl: Because it's Gossip Girl, you have to expect the unexpected and the "OMFG" at the same time. High school junior J would do it!
  • Ella Sims, Melrose Place. We can see a "who's the father" angle there. We would also like to see more love scenes involving Katie Cassidy. Was that out loud?
  • Elena Gilbert, Vampire Diaries. Which Salvatore is the dad? The plot thickens!
  • Nora Walker, Brothers & Sisters. Life begins at 65? Would certainly be a TV first.
  • Alicia Florrick, The Good Wife. Given her marriage, that would be unpredictable.
  • Addison Montgomery, Private Practice. They already did it with Violet, but hey.
  • Ditto various Glee scenarios. They wouldn't do that twice in one season, right?
  • M. Allison Hart, NCIS. Gibbs' big decision: knocking up Rena Sofer's character?
  • Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy. Baby McDreamy? Too perfect ... and obvious.
  • Lexie Grey, Grey's Anatomy. Now we're talking.

Comment with your theories and we'll add them to the list above!

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Read in Ausiello's twitter that the shows are: Grey's, Gossip Girl, House, Bones, Chuck, NCIS and Glee. But he did say in his blog that it's a drama and since Chuck and Glee are both considered comedy or at least a dramedy - we can deduce that both shows are just decoys in the list. So it's either Grey's, GG, House, Bones or NCIS. I only watch GG and House so I can only speculate that it's either 13 in House (she's been rather chummy with Chase so maybe the baby-daddy drama would be Chase vs Foreman). Before the Inglorious Bassterd episode of GG I thought it was Blair (Chuck vs Jack) but now that we know she didn't sleep with him, it would be a bit obvious that if it's Blair, Chuck is the father thus the whole "baby-daddy speculation" would be moot. Jenny is a virgin, so unless she suddenly goes on a whoring spree, doubt it'd be her ;p Vanessa's with Dan and Serena's still with Nate (tho they'll probably break up in the next ep seeing how things are going) so very little speculation there. 13 on House is my best guess... but seeing that I don't watch NCIS or Bones I could be completely wrong about this.


I reckon its Alicia's son's girlfriend!!!


i mean i know its hardly the last person you'd expect but the spanner in the works in ghost whisperer last night makes me wonder if thats the show, especially as the season finale is called "the childrens parade" just guessing


ohhh i would soo love a Tiva baby...or a McAbby baby...
but i absolutely HATE Hart and Gibbs...if she gets pregnant i will be soo poed. for Tony and Ziva...if its them, i dont think it could have happened in Paris, considering how that was late January...she would have known by now. but heyy..who says they couldn't have gotten together another time?? :)


OMG A BIG part of me wants Ziva to be pregnant, and Tony to be the father, but then again, they said it wasn't a Tiva ending this time. Or maybe they're just suppose to tease us, so we don't expect anything with tiva but then BAM! Ziva is pregnant and Tony is the father (: gosh SHANE BRENNAN ARE YOU READING THIS, I WOULD LOVE IT IF THAT IS WHAT YOU'RE GONNA DO! :D
Just in the endning, like only a few seconds before the end of the episode, you see someone sitting with a pregnancy test, and then they show it's Ziva!


I'm gona go with Nate and Jenny, or either Salvatore(hopefully Damon) and Elena. Oooh then they can be like oh, looks like vampire can procreate and thats how Elenas mother came into being.... Oh my GOD! Can you imagine if one of the Salvatores fathered Isabel? Hopefully it was Stefan, i'm very pro Delena. Although hed still be like her uncle...


adrian on the secret life of the american teenager.


abby and gibbs is the father


i think it's ziva, abby or atty. hart from NCIS. whY? ziva because...
it may stop all the speculations about what really happened in Paris, which i may say is the most lingering question since then. but it can also be a baby from someone else, let's say Damon Werth can be the father but yet i'm not ruling out the possibility that tony dinozzo is the father. abby because...
she's a newly-wed and it can turn out as a honeymoon baby for them. also, have anyone noticed the slight tension between abby and mcgee in an episode just this season in abby's lab? that can be a possibility that the baby is mcgee's.also based on the spoiler given a few weeks ago, they said that abby will be making a life-changing decision that may affect her stay in NCIS and since she's co-working with Gibbs' team it may also affect, whatever that decision is, the decision of Gibbs of course. atty. hart because...
we all know that her Gibbs had an affair and we cannot rule out that nothing happened between them hence his "life-changing" decision also in the season finale. we also know that she will come out again within this season. so she may come out pregnant. and since she and gibbs broke-up in the past episode, gibbs shall make a decision. that was long. but i'm not yet ruling out a character in another show.


Ziva on NCIS or Abby on NCIS now that would be good!!! :)

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