Season Finale Pregnancy Spoiler: The Field Narrows!

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Monday, we told you about an item posted by EW regarding a character's "shocking" pregnancy being revealed on the upcoming season finale of one popular, hour-long drama.

The only question, of course, is which show, and which character. We weighed in with a bunch of possibilities last week, and it looks as if some of them are still on the table.

EW just nixed some of our predictions (The Vampire Diaries) by releasing a short list of contenders, though our top two guesses (Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy) remain.

Kate Austen Pic
Brennan Pic

A couple of possibilities we hadn't considered.

The big season finale pregnancy takes place on one of these:

  • Grey's Anatomy
  • House
  • Bones
  • Chuck
  • Gossip Girl
  • Smallville
  • NCIS
  • Glee
  • Lost

Which of the above shows do you think will end its season with a pregnancy shocker - and which character(s) do you think will be involved? Share your theories!

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I have no idea about the pregnancy. It will be really shocking to see Brennan pregnant and we won’t, I think. So, I was thinking about tha marriage… ofcourse to which couple will be!?
There might be a AH wedding, but the engagement to be BB. Like a promise between BB that one day, when the time was right, they would get married. I believe no one wants “the end� of bones. That's why we should keep the votes high! But hey... I was so confused when I remembered that david boreanaz is still married. I mean, if he’s happy with his wife – OK! This is good. But, you know... BB is an incredible couple on the screen and in the real life. Em and David got so close in this 5 years. You know... but if we can’t see them together in real, the producers have to make something really amazing for the end of the season. May be not a marriage, but to see booth and temperance very very happy!
Who knows, may be Sulley (I don't know how to write his name) is going to come back and have an affair again!? So actually we won't understend what will happen discousing all that. We have to wait just a little more time.
Really sorry for the writing mistakes, I'm not from an English speaking country.
Ema from Bulgaria, Europe.


I would like to see Ziva pregnant. A relationship between her and Tony, in my opinion has been forming, behind closed doors, and would help them to push them to explore their feelings to each other and to us, the viewers.


BRENNANNNNNNNNNN woooo lol that would make me so incredibly happpy because the 100th episode was sad :( I hope she comes to her senses soon about what shes missing out on with booth, i mean really, how does she think shes going to find someone if she never gets close to anyone?:


we now know that Dorota is pregnant ...


What about Serena from Gossip Girl?


I really hope is gone a be Brennan, maybe it will make her more human but i don't know, only time will tell us...


It wouldn't be Glee, because they've already got the Quinn teen pregnancy and the Terri fake pregnancy issues. It wouldn't be Lost, because it's the show's finale, and it wouldn't be fair if they left everybody hanging like that. It could possibly be NCIS, it could be about the mystery in Paris, or it could be Gibbs and Hart. The other shows, I really can't say anything about because I don't really watch them all that often.


Mmmm,Brennan would be a REAL shocker, but I don't think it will be her.
Ziva? Also a big shock, but again, no, the last NCIS season final was Ziva centric and they already said it would be Gibbs centric. But then again, its NCIS, you NEVER know what will happen. So Abby is high on my list.
Grey's, could be, but wouldn't really be surprising.
House, that would be interesting... Shake things up a bit!


i forgot to mention, it could also be gossip girl.


it would be ncis's ziva, because tony and ziva are now getting back together after the drama with ziva and tony; and over the course of the seaon tony and ziva have not been close enough to get when tiva went paris, although they slept on the same bed, it does not mean they had s*x....and i really hope it is not ziva, cause it will mean less work for her and it will turn the show upside i think it will be house-cuddy and lucas, who else in house could get pregant, huh? or grey's anatomy.

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