Seven Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview Clips: "Perfect Little Accident"

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Below are seven sneak peeks from "Perfect Little Accident," this week's all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy. We've seen the photo gallery, now we have a plethora of clips.

In this first scene, Teddy branches out and actually interacts with someone not named Cristina or Owen! That's 'cause Arizona pretty much forces her, but still. Progress!

We can't wait to see the "girl time" that ensues ...

[video url="" title="Perfect Little Accident Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for six more sneak previews from Thursday's episode. Highlights:

  • Alex Karev is likened emotionally to Meredith Grey, only three years ago.
  • Owen awkwardly invites Teddy over for dinner ... and something feels off.
  • Cristina learns that legendary surgeon Harper Avery is Jackson's grandpa.
  • Harper wants Richard to do surgery on him ... while he watches, awake.
  • Sexy Lexie gets walked in on by ... well, you gotta see that for yourself.

    Watch, enjoy and comment away ...

    [video url="" title="Perfect Little Accident Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

    [video url="" title="Perfect Little Accident Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

    [video url="" title="Perfect Little Accident Sneak Preview #4"] [/video]

    [video url="" title="Perfect Little Accident Sneak Preview #5"] [/video]

    [video url="" title="Perfect Little Accident Sneak Preview #6"] [/video]

    [video url="" title="Perfect Little Accident Sneak Preview #7"] [/video]

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    i would like to see more merder in the coming episodes.why are they not having a sexlife,when they are married already?it seems like no story lines for meredith.she has become like a supporting cast member when in fact she is the main character.


    Was the guy (his sister was there with him) with the lung problem Blake Bashoff from LOST and Spring Awakening? If not, who was he?


    Why are the writers insisting on shoving Lexie/Alex down our throats? Enough already!! Mark was finally ready to grow up and talk to Lexie, but no! Of course thats!! when he finds her and Alex together. I'm finishing out this season, then I'm done. What a waste of time!


    Oh my goodness Teddy =O Can't believe Owen invited her to Cris's apartment too.
    Meredith and Cristina are such good friends! Always love their conversations together :P


    well alex/lexie whatever... I think izzie deserves to b with someone who can actually tell her about their feelings for her on a personal grown up level and not shut up to everthing that involves intimacy. reality is that izzie is the one who really put herself out there for this guy. he's remained all closed up and scared thru out. he's right he deserves to jump from hole to hole cause that's about all he can handle. i'm still rooting for them but if anyone deserves better it's her.


    why is the idiot and slatty Lexie STILL in Mer's house?????? Can't she afford to have her own flat????? Why is Lexie still in the show?????


    Also, this relationship they have will NEVER work out. I keep thinking of the 'date-and-tell' thing. Haha. There was this scene where Alex forgot he slept with Lexie. o.o


    I think Alex has consigned Izzie to the past. It's going to be a shock when she turns up again cos she needs to finish her traing at SGH. Lexie will be forgotten about again by Alex, I don't think for one moment that Alex loves Lex


    rachel - How is Alex "cheating" on Izzie. They clearly broke up.


    IMHO Lexie/Alex storyline is not so bad. Both of them are hurt because of their past relationships and have the right to have some fun :) Cristina's face when she heard that the grandpa is THAT Harper Avery - priceless!
    I would like to see Owen/Cris/Teddy dinner - I hope it will be fun.
    Oh, and "You stole LUNGS, Cristina!" BUHAHAHAHA!

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