Sexy Gossip Girl Trailers Tease Show's Return

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If you're a fan of Chair, or Serenate, or both, you will love these.

The CW has released a trio of sexy trailers promoting the return of the show Monday (March 8). They're only 10 seconds apiece, but there's more than enough hotness to go around.

In this first one, Chuck tells Blair simply "no talking." Gulp ...

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Trailer: No Talking"] [/video]

Follow the jump for two more trailers, both featuring Nate and Serena. It looks like they're taking things beyond friendship ... unless friends get down and dirty on the kitchen floor!

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Trailer: Serenate"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Trailer: In The Kitchen"] [/video]

Who's the sexier couple? Which of the two do you think has a better chance of lasting? Which of the three trailers above is your favorite? Share your impressions with us here!

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i hate serena and nate! i miss dan and serena :'(




chuck n blair r the best couple on TV PERIOD! their relationship was built up over the course of season 2! serena chose nate's cousin b4 she picked nate as a 2nd best! that's not love! chuck was PRETTY DAMN sexy 'no talking'! i was going to say, take me NOW if i was blair! LOVE THEM! they make u believe in love again!


Seems awesome but this song seems so familiar to me, does anybody know THE NAME OF THE SONG ? It's killing me ! :D


whoop! whoop!
both of them were good! But I love serenate lol


Serenate is not childish....they are hot! These type of hook ups happen at this age. I think it's funny that someone called it childish. What they are doing is anything but childish.HAHA. I'm sorry but Chair is definitely not as hot as Serenate. They are completely pathetic this season not to mention BORING. Their love may be "deep" but god they are like 18/19, it's really serious and a complete yawnfest if you think about it. It's one thing to be young and in love but it's another thing to act like you are uptight and married. They never have fun anymore. What's wrong with "living in the moment"? Serenate look like they are having WAY more fun then Chuck and Blair already. SERENA + NATE = GG just got 10 times HOTTER. P.S. Looks like some fans are jealous ;-)


I'm happy for all the trailers, and I don't have a problem with Nate/Serena (although I prefer Dan/Serena) but regarding the Chuck/Blair trailer, I usually don't pay so much attention to this feature in Chuck's character, but..... That Voice! The "No talking" thing just kill me!


whats the song being used in the trailers


Chair all the way!!! They are like the best couple ever!!!!


CHAIR EPICNESS!!!! They are so destined-to-be. CB Love All The Way!!!

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