Shonda Rhimes Teases Grey's Anatomy Season-Ender & More

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She puts the Grey in Grey's Anatomy, but will we see a major Meredith story line anytime soon? Creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes acknowledges that new mom Ellen Pompeo’s storyline load was lightened this season so she could focus on motherhood.

That said, Fancast reports that over the next couple of episodes, Meredith will focus on not so much being a doctor as a healer, so to speak, as Dr. Grey is called upon to be an especially protective friend for several members of her Seattle Grace clique.

Who do you think that is?

Doctor Meredith Grey Picture

As for the upcoming Season Six finale, Shonda Tweeted that May’s big ending will serve up “a serious game-changer for every single character.” That's pretty much a given, and it will be a difficult task topping last season's, but we welcome any theories you want to share!

In the more immediate future, the upcoming Owen-centric episode will feature Iraq wartime flashbacks that are 100 percent Owen’s, as in "100 percent from his point of view."

As the sneak previews showed, we will gain a lot more insight into Dr. Hunt and how some of the very bad things he experienced on the front shaped the doc he is today.

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I'm sort of glad Izzie is out of the show she brings so much bad drama I was getting tired of it. I want to see more of Dr. McSteammy getting steammy if you know what I mean. I love the show and everyone in it every Thursday is a must see in my home with my two daughters keep up the good job. Ileana


Thanks Dimples61, you gave me a good laugh, with all the newbies getting lost in the carpark with Dr Hahn.


OK!!! So what could it be. Lexie walks in on Sloan and Teddy having sex. Arizona walks in on Mark and Callie having sex (trying to get her pregnant.) The chief falls off the wagon again. Derrick decides he isn't suited for the job and they are trying to find someone to be chief. Mer and Jackson find out they are really brother and sister. Owen has another nightmare about war and hurts Christina so bad she has to be admitted into the hospital where Mer Jackson Callie and AZ all take turns guarding the room so Owen can't get into see her. In the end Christina drops Owen and hooks up with Jackson:) Poor Alex finally files for a divorce from Izzy. NoseDive Reed and Keptner all get lost in the parking lot with Dr Hahn.


Shonda has some exciting things coming up, I read some gossip on Looking forward to Teddy having to fight to keep her job, considering she wanted to leave earlier. Mark, Callie and Arizona do something kinky with a pound of cake. Because they weren't allowed to use mini-muffins "the Broadcast Standards and Practices said no". Sloan Riley comes back to have Mark's grandchild. And someone is less then sensitive when a 700 pound man comes to Seattle Grace. And Meredith goes all badass and protective on Owen when it comes to Cristina.


I am tired but really of Shonda...tells many cabbage soups,instead she 'd be thankful to us.She did a bad work in this season ,we speak stil of GA.I don't know what we do about us to see Mer,if the next two episodes are on other?Mer has been protective for the whole season ,she has done only that.She has done it with her sister,with the chief,with Izzie,with Alex and thelast time with Cri.She tells fibs.Why doesn't speak she about the audience?Mer and Der don't saw before we ll not see now.


I hope we see MerDer do a surgery together before this season ends, but I'm not hopeful


I think Mer will be working overtime looking out for Cris, Lex and Alex. Alex's past will get exposure that he won't want. Lex needs to stop the casual sex with Alex and really restart her life after Mark. Cris isn't aware that Owen is really jealous about Ted. We haven't really seen a lot of Mer being supportive to Webber, but she knows his secret. But Der's ego might need a bit of TLC cos Webber is not making his life as chief very easy. So a bit of MerDer time would a bit overdue


All the writers say they don't want characters to be too happy too long cos conflict is needed for storylines. Cris has become happy after Burke's departure. I can't see the triangle between Ted, Cris, Owen disappearing even though Ted is trying to move on (a bit like Der with R). Der may be back to wearing scrubs more! Hooray! Mark will find just cos he's ready for a baby doesn't mean that biology wiil always comply there and then. Callie will be broody. Bailey will be looking for a new love, maybe Webber (haha).


Major changes? The way the calender has been pushed this season makes me think that Mer, Alex, Cris (MAC)will be at the end of their third year of residency. So they get to do another exam(?)and then get to make their surgical career choices. Cris will be cardio, Alex peadiatrics. Will Mer choose general surgery? If they really wanted to stir things up, Der would have to relinquish his role as chief. I don't think Webber's a shoe in to get his old job back.


I feel like a new chief is a very good prediction, bring back Addison! A competition for chief resident among Alex, Mer and Christina would be very racey. She's definately becoming a healer to Alex and Lexie. And I feel like with Hunt's PTSD resurfacing, he will mess things up with Christina, somehow, probably Teddy. It's interesting to note though right now there are more attendings than actual residents (when you include the firing of MW'ers). If Richard isn't reclaiming chief I feel there is no need to keep him around.

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