The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Precious Fragmentation"

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We don't care how cheesy it was, because damn did it work.  Last night was easily our favorite episode of The Big Bang Theory yet.

Maybe it's because we're big Lord of the Rings, but the boys competing over the ring had us in pain from so much laughing.  Plus, it truly was the ring that binds, because for the first time in a long time, the entire primary cast was involved in a single plot line.

The Ring that Binds

Similar to previous seasons, Penny was more the outskirts of the episode, as there's no way you could expect her to hop in a competition for a prop.  However, her punching a creepy, lurking Sheldon, cracking jokes about window shopping on Internet dating sites, or finally luring away Leonard with a bag from Victoria's Secret was more than enough from her.

The rest of the gang all worked perfectly in unison together.  For once, it wasn't just a Sheldon-only episode.  Literally all four character had equal jokes, even the straight man Leonard had the ultimate Mr. T on Spock's body one liner.

While the storyline was a little bit cheesy, the writers actually came up with a way to make it believable these guys would obsess over the ring.  Each had their different reasons, but it was a $15,000 movie prop so even I would have kept my hands on that thing while they went to the bathroom.

For me, this episode will go down in sitcom history.  This even beats the South Park episode of Lord of the Rings.  If I ever need an episode to convince someone to watch The Big Bang Theory, I found it.

What do you think?  Am I giving the episode too much credit?  Read our favorite of The Big Bang Theory quotes after the jump and chime in with your opinion.

Penny: Who's Adam West?
Sheldon: Who's Adam West!? Leonard, what do you talk about after the coitus?
Wolowitz: My guess is "four minutes, a new record!" | permalink
Leonard: Here's Mr. T's head on Spock's body. I pity the fool that is illogical. | permalink
Penny: Okay, I'm just to go home and make a grilled cheese sandwich and window shop on eHarmony. | permalink
Leonard: It should go back to Peter Jackson. He made the movies; it belongs to him.
Wolowitz: Fine, he can have it back -- as long as he promises to make me a hobbit in his next movie.
Raj: There are no Jewish hobbits.
Wolowitz: Clearly, you've never been to my house for dinner on Rosh Hashana. | permalink


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I really want Penny and Sheldon to get together but it might not happed but i'm still hoping!!!!


You are giving it perfect amount of credit! I agree it was one of the best episodes hands down. Like you said, it was the first time they were all in one storyline - a great and funny one. ALl five of them made me laugh!
Actually it was one of those episodes I just laughed the entire 22 minutes. non-stop laughter.
Penny punching Sheldon was amazing, and when they decided to do that endurance competiton to see who got the ring I exploded. Amazing, acting, storyline, funnyness haha, just awesome.


This was definitely a great episode, but the South Park LoTR episode still trumps this by a huge margin.


Leonard has the ring hidden in a box under his bed. then they show us leonard and penny sleeping with sheldon's grabby thingy coming in from the side of the screen to get the bed cover out of the way and show the ring around leonard's neck. he says "i knew it" and trys to take the ring, leonard wakes up, sheldon says "give us the precious" and they start wrestling over the ring in bed. penny gets up and says "i got to go back to dating dumb guys from the gym"


My DVR cut off the end of the episode and I only saw Leonard reach under his bed...... what happened next? I can't find the clip anywhere online and I just know it was something good! Please help

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The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Here's Mr. T's head on Spock's body. I pity the fool that is illogical.


Penny: Who's Adam West?
Sheldon: Who's Adam West!? Leonard, what do you talk about after the coitus?
Wolowitz: My guess is "four minutes, a new record!"