The Good Wife Review: "Fleas"

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What a great showcase for Will this week on The Good Wife.

This wasn't the first time the firm's partner has proven that he's willing to go to the outer rim of the law (remember when he sent Alicia to take items from a client's apartment before the police could get there?), as the show has created a clearly moral character that also believes in the rights of his clients. Even if those client deal drugs or cover up murders.

In "Fleas," we got to see just what Will loves about the law (befriending judges and/or taking them on, providing a defense for everyone, arguing, etc.), while also seeing him take center stage in more ways than one:

  • He's good at basketball.
  • He's in the middle of the first real fight (more on that below) between Peter and Alicia.
  • He toes a morally grey line. Was the federal attorney really a bad guy? Of course not. Was he even in the wrong? Not really. However, seeing things from Will's side, the guy came across as a pompous jerk.
  • He and Diane go at it verbally, and then decide to hire a third partner to keep the firm afloat.

On the last point: I must admit that I'm a sucker for any series that depicts two adults arguing passionately for professional reasons, and not having it affect them personally in any way. Perhaps it's The West Wing fan in me. But this is always the sign of an intelligent, mature show, a description that certainly fits The Good Wife.

Will Gardner Pic

As for the Peter and Alicia fight: How great was that?!?

Julianna Margulies simply owns this character, remaining strong at almost all times, with emotion bubbling beneath the surface any time her husband is brought up in her professional or her personal life. But it's only natural for that emotion to sometimes spill over, and what more appropriate situation for that to occur than when Peter (prostitute-banging Peter!) accuses Alicia of being unfaithful?

That does beg the question: was she unfaithful? Alicia said to trust her, but Becca's Tweets were based on information fed to her by Zach. Did he see Will sneaking out of his mother's apartment one morning?

We also love Eli Gold. The scene between him and Becca was fantastic, as was the fact that he references When a Stranger Called and
Drag Me to Hell during the episode. Who would have pegged him for a horror movie fan?

In closing, we hope Zach doesn't get Becca pregnant. The conclusion was teasing that possibility, right? The show doesn't need such a cliched, messy situation. It keeps us glued to our TV screens every week by remaining smart, simple and provocative.

What did you think of the episode?


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oh i love zac and the whole cast




Alicia and Will can't have slept together! Obviously, Will has feelings for her. But she has been such a "good wife" from the very beginning. I do hope Will and she can end up together!!


I realize i'm commenting on this kind of late... but i just had to say... ZACH< DON"T DO IT!!!!!! i swear if he gets Becca pregnant, it's just like Eli said 'Gum on the bottom of my shoe who will get pregnant at seventeen, abortionat eighteen and work as a dental hygenist until the day you die" Eli is hilarious. i loved the When a Stranger Called and the Drag Me To Hell references. Hilarious. BUT ZACH, DONT DO IT!!! i used to think he's adorable (i think he's the same age as me-14, right?) he seriously shouldn't be sleeping with becca! does he know she's tweeting about his mom??? Does he seriously think that she's sleeping with will??? oh boy! Gracy doesn't seem messed up though. Kudos, Gracy!!! Personally i LOVE WILL! and i love Alicia! i think they are an adorable couple! i was so happy when they kissed in the heart episode (which is the episode after this one) but then she went home and slept with peter.... grr. (but i'm pretty sure w=she was thinking about will meanwhile) (^_^) anyways, good show, good actors!! Kalinda and Carey are so cool! Carey is adorable and Kalinda is kick-ass! Diane's cool to! but will and Alicia are my faves! ZACH DONT GET HER PREGNANT!!! ( i know me venting won't do anything.. but it feels good!)


I agree with Kiki too. I could'nt believe my ears when Peter accused Alicia of infidelity with so scant a proof as a couple of condoms. But what made me really angry was the way he said that he'll be faithful from now - as if he was doing her a big favor. Peter comes across as someone who has zero sense of resposibility and too much ego. The moment Alicia let him into the house she's paying for, he has taked it for granted that his life will go back to the way it was. In my opinion he'll never learn. Alicia will be better off without him. I would like to see her end up with Will(love him!!!) but even if it doesn't happen, she needs to divorce Peter.
Also, I didn't like Zack at all. He really is his father's son, isn't he?


I agree with you, kiki! :)


Bill, I think you are so off! This is a prime example of how STAYING IN A BAD MARRIAGE IS BAD FOR THE CHILDREN! Look at the son and his girlfriend and the crap they are pulling! I don't know why you get the impression that Alicia is trying to save her marriage. It seems like Alicia is doing what she is being forced into. Do you really think she wants her husband there? I don't get that impression at all. I also love the chemistry between Alicia and Will and I hope in the future they get together! She deserves so much better than Peter!


What a great episode, I really wanted an episode focused on Will, I really loved Josh´s performance. Here is another one who loves Will and Alicia chemistry.


Great episode, and because it was mostly about Will. The moment Peter answered Alicia's phone and said she'd left it at "home" I could feel the punch Will got in the stomach. Can you not love the basketball playing? Or calling a judge out? Also, can it be true he'll try to kiss Alicia? I can't belive it. Probably a dream? Peter's? Can't wait. "And optimism fills the void"


I love the Will/Alicia chemistry ~ the main reason I watch. Can't wait until next week!

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Alicia: How about over here? Did you check this drawer?
Peter: What is it you need to hear from me? I will never touch another woman again.
Alicia: What do you want, a prize, Peter? It seems to be the minimum prerequesite.
Peter: For both of us.

I found condoms in your bedside table. I was looking for your letter opener. I thought maybe they belonged to Zach. You know, you found them in his room. But then I thought you wouldn't take them. You'd have a sensible conversation with him about responsibility. So then, I thought they were yours. But that didn't make sense because you have an IUD.