The Vampire Diaries Promo: Damon for Sale!

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Move over, Jake Pavelka.

Sit down, Jason Mesnick.

There's a new bachelor coming to a TV set near you: On the March 25 episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore agrees to sell himself in an auction of the most elgibile men in Mystic Falls.

Hence the episode's title: A Few Good Men.

Check out a preview for this installment below and sound off in our Vampire Diaries forum: How much would you pay to date Damon?

[video url="" title="Bachelor Auction"] [/video]

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More Damon and Elena scenes, they are sooooooooo hot together. Team DELENA yaaaaay.


How much would I pay for Damon & life


a loooooot....:)


yay, I would totally buy him. but then again, I'd rather see him with Elena =D


Love the CHARACTER Damon, however I would rather pay for IAN!


ok so i totally agree with kayla i waould pay anything to be with i guy that hot i theres really no price he is just amazing I LOVE DAMON HE IS SO HOT GO TEAM DAMON & DELENA


might i say i am loveing damon with no cloths on lol but this episode she should be pretty good and i do not think that damon will kill alaric even though he kind oh looks likke he is but i do not think so i honestly think that she is a vampire cuz usually when he cant fininsh the job he gets bored and turns them so thats what im thinkin GO TEAM DAMON


The real ? is.What wouldnt I pay for Damon.


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