The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Details: Revealed!

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What will go down on The Vampire Diaries season finale? We've already given viewers a few teases.

But in an interview with TV Guide, producer Julie Plec reveals even more about the May 13 episode and events leading up to it. Stop reading now if you wish to be surprised...

On Elena's mother/Alaric's wife: The next episode is very much about Elena's search to try to get to the bottom of who this woman is and how, if at all, she connects to Alaric.

On David Anders as Jonathan Gilbert: He's stepping in to fill the shoes on the Founders' Council, with there being a lack of Gilberts representing the founding families. Uncle John gets in there to stir things up.

Ian, Nina, Paul

On Jeremy: We're exploring how he starts to dig a little bit deeper and put the pieces together of what exactly vampires are and if they're real. Is this pretty girl that he kissed in the woods, who we saw little veiny eyes on, is she one? The vampire has a crazy allure, as we've seen between Elena and Stefan, so is he going to fall for her or have some feelings for one of his own?

On the season finale: What we've been building to from the beginning - it's something we took directly from the books - is this event called the Founders' Day Celebration, which is the anniversary of the founding of the town. We're looking into big period costumes and Civil War reenactments and maybe some parade action with some big floats.

It's going to be the big event that connects us back to 1864 and what went down back then. It messes things up so when we come back in Season 2, everyone has a reason to tune in again. There are nine "oh my God" moments.

The Vampire Diaries has already been renewed for a second season and returns on March 25.

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Elena dies in like every book and i'm on the latest one to come out: Vampire diraies the return: Shadow souls


any ideia of when the second season starts?


someone is going to die in the books it is elena who dies but then she comes back as a vampire then dies again and comes back as a spirit then comes back to human it all seems far feched to me but it is a big possibility that it is in fact elena who dies


I am waiting for more Damon and Elena action but with Damon still greiving over Katherine and maybe still holding out hope there, it isnt going to be happening anytime soon I guess.


I'm really excited to see where they take Jeremy's character!

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