True Blood Season 3 Teaser: "Who Sent You!?"

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While we know nothing is going to move the True Blood season three premiere date of June 13th any closer, HBO has at least decided to tease us every Sunday for the next six weeks.

The first of these teaser promos is a behind the scenes shooting of a scene with Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) and an unknown Merlotte's waitress with short blond hair.

Angry Eric

You can watch the clip below, but all we can tell you is that is shows a bloody Eric on the ground screaming at the armed waitress, "Who sent you?"

Our theory right now is that it's Sookie due to the blonde hair and visible engagement ring on her finger.  So what will that mean for season three?

Watch the clip after the jump and then sound of in the comments!

[video url="" title="True Blood Season Three Teaser"] [/video]

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it sookie holding the gun because i saw her wedding ring


definitely a werewolf.....ohhhh I can't wait.


im pretty sure that eric is fighting a werewolf, the one bubba was suppose to kill at the begining of the book club dead. it really looks like sookies house too! my god im so excited!!!!!


Ummmmm excuse me? Eric's "father"??!!! Where was HE in the books? NOWHERE! So this should be interesting.


Eric is fighting most likely with the werewolf. It could be Sookie in the background - and it does look like her house. I can't wait to see my Hubbie in action!!!!!


It's Eric saving Sookie from the Were's!!

Sandals are not shoes

I think he isn't screaming at the waitress cause there's another guy... and at first I thought that was Sookie and her home but now I don't know...



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