Vampire Diaries Intel on Harper and Jonathan Gilbert

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When The Vampire Diaries returns on March 25, viewers will quickly meet a pair of new characters.

First up: Harper. He's the vampire we got a glimpse of as the previous episode concluded, awakening and walking out of the tomb. Says producer Julie Plec:

"We'll... follow him on his journey as he sets up shop in Mystic Falls and who he sets up shop with."

Played by Sterling Sulieman, take a look at Harper from "A Few Good Men" below:


As for David Anders as Jonathan Gilbert? He'll guide Jeremy along a journey, one producer Kevin Williamson describes as "dark." He also says about the character:

"He surfaces when it comes time to sell [Jeremy and Elena's] dad's doctor's office, but he's [really] there because he wants something and he'll fight to the finish to get it."

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i like harper. hes nice and hes in daylight bcuz he knew katherine and she prob. set him up wit a ring or smthin


It said in a spoiler that they would be going to the books for the season finale which means the founders day celebration... going to get very interesting Is Elena gonna die???? lol


I'm glad there are new characters with different cultures and energies... it makes the show realistic and lots of fun! Way to go CW...Vamp D Rocks!


he's in the daylight!!


i dont want him to i want more episodes with damon and elana already


y do i feel like he might hook up with bonnie, hmmmm


yeah its excitin i cant wait for it to come back on this is my fav. show and i wonder who will kill him damon or stefan or mabey he wont die

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