White Collar Review: "Front Man"

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Last night on White Collar, we got one step closer to finding the music box. Alex would not give Neal any information about the box unless he proved that he could get away from the FBI without the ankle bracelet.

At first, we weren't sure how Neal would be able to pull that off, but of course this guy knew the perfect time to get away. It amazes us how everything always seems to work out for Neal just at that last second. This guy is lucky!

Peter and Kimberly

We were impressed with Peter's ability to know that Neal met with Alex. How could he see the single brunette strand of hair on his jacket? It was like Peter was inside Neal's mind.

The big question is - how will Neal be able to steal the music box and not go to jail?  As the season is coming to an end, we know we are going to be unable to sit through the intensity of this show!

"Front Man" did keep our interests peaked, especially the scene with Mozzie helping Neal. We like how Mozzie is the Robin to Neal's Batman. He always finds a way to help him in the most dire of circumstances.

Our favorite part of last night's episode was Mozzie freaking out that he was tricking the big crime leader, Riley, into giving them his briefcase. We feel like Mozzie is the brains behind (almost) everything Neal does.

We weren't too impressed with Rice and thought her character was lacking the strong leadership an FBI boss would have. We knew that there was a reason why she was so determined to have Neal on her case from the beginning. What was your take on her?

Tiffany Thiessen has been absent due to her pregnancy in real life, but her character Elizabeth is totally missing any main plots/story-lines on this show. We feel bad because we love her and want her character to be a main one and not just a character with a couple lines here and there. Hopefully next week we will see more of her!

Lastly, we can't wait to see what Fowler has been up to! What about Kate?!

Until next week, we leave you with some of our favorite White Collar quotes:

Neal: You go half way around the world chasing something and the whole time it's in your own backyard. | permalink
Mozzie: That's the closest I've come to death this year. | permalink
Mozzie: I just said that to a guy who enjoys killing people with his bare hands. | permalink
Elizabeth: Not everything has a secret meaning. | permalink


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Does anybody know the soundtrack name that plays in the beginning of the episode 13 "FRONT MAN". I would appreciate that if u would tell me guys.


Who are the people of the complete cast of the episode named "The Front Man". White Collar is the best progran I have had the pleasure on enjoying in years. Please keep up the great story lines. Just as a referance I am a 63 year old guy. I don't know if my age group is part of your target but you sure have me on your list. Keep up the great work and God Bless. One favor I must ask, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT MY e-mail ADDRES OUT TO ANY ONE THANK YOU.


Anybody know the brand of the jacket the Burke is wearing in the photo above? Thanks.


Good call Will! I thought that too and felt it was a little lame of the writers to leave so many other possible ways for it to end less dramatic. I like suspense and all, but it was over the top and not an accurate portrayal of how that situation would play out in real life. That being said, I can't wait until next week to see how this season ends!


Did anyone else wonder why Neal practically GOADED Wilkes to kill the girl? When he had him call his guys, I thought he had a plan, like he had somehow unloaded the guy's gun or what have you, but nothing like that was explained. If Peter has busted in 2 seconds later, the girl would be dead. I know that's exciting, but strategically, it seems like a HUGE blunder for Caffrey, and for the show, to make. Neil knew that the FBI had snipers on Wilkes the whole time, right? Why on EARTH, would they not take him down right away? Why would they let him call his guys and GIVE THE ORDER FOR THE GIRL TO GET SHOT? In fact, why the hell wouldn't they just arrest Wilkes as soon as they saw him? What is the point of waiting? He was alone, as long as he didn't call anyone, he would have no way of contacting his crew and therefore have no power over the girl's life. I couldn't believe a lapse in logic that large escaped notice. I'm hoping I missed something, because that really irks me.


My favorite quote (maybe of the whole season): "Whatever I did, I have proof I didn't do it."

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White Collar Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Whatever I did I have proof I didn't do it.


Loose the blinking jewelry and you will get what you need.