90210 Caption Contest: Volume III

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Once again, we'd like to thank everyone that took part in this week's 90210 Caption Contest. The submissions can flooding in, but we chose the one below this photo as the winner.

Way to go, "tvfan," as that reader was crowned the winner. What should you do if yours was not selected as the funniest?

Play again next week, and every week after that! This is a running feature on TV Fanatic and we appreciate all that participate in it.

For Caption Contest

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Ivy: Dude that frikkin stinks....!...eew!
Dixon: smile and laugh....smile and laugh...!


Clark in the Dark: Spotted Dixon and Ivy holding hands. Isn't that sweet? I'm gonna go vomit now.


Dixon: She is amazing in bed. ( starring at Silver)
(Liam appears)
Ivy: Could you repeat this?


Dixon: We just finished having sex. It was great. I'm so excited. Ivy: Sex? If you call that sex then I can't wait to never have it again.


Dixon: yeah guys we're a couple now
Ivy: In your dreams


Dixon: She's my poison Ivy and I'm her big Dix. Ivy: That's what I thought... Then I found out something's are just to small for me.


Ivy : Okay, now I just have to think really hard that this is Liam


Dixon: yeah we are kind of a big deal ( he grabs her hand and hold it) Ivy:Um, yeah we are, at least that's what Rebecca Sinclair told us ,this is so not predictable , come on guys don't look at us like that
it's not like we are trying to make anyone jealous, right my Dixie sticks, hehe (she laughs nervously)


Dixon - well this is fun
Ivy - shut the hell up


Dixon - This is amazing man, i've got sweaty palms and weak knees.
Ivy- yes he does and like i said before get your sweaty hands off me!

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.