90210 Caption Contest: Volume III

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Once again, we'd like to thank everyone that took part in this week's 90210 Caption Contest. The submissions can flooding in, but we chose the one below this photo as the winner.

Way to go, "tvfan," as that reader was crowned the winner. What should you do if yours was not selected as the funniest?

Play again next week, and every week after that! This is a running feature on TV Fanatic and we appreciate all that participate in it.

For Caption Contest

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Haha. Whoever Francesco is should win. His are so funny.....Wait... Doesn't it show the name of the person posting this....fuck.


HAHA @tvfan, that's the best :D


@tvfan sooooo hilarious!!!


dixon : she my stinky pants!
ivy: your stinky what?!
dixon: hehe
ivy: wutever just dont grab my hands too much!!!


Dixon: I couldn't be happier. Ivy: I couldn't be more suicidal.


Dixon:We are *giggle*...dating hahaha
Ivy:Oh yeah we are *sigh*


Good job looking like you really enjoying dating me Ivy. With that awesome smile they won't know that were just pretending.


Dixon: We just started dating everybody, I think I'm already falling in love with her. Ivy: WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! LET GO OF MY HAND!


Dixon: Why yes Liam, we are dating Ivy: Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. I'm going to go talk to that cute guy over there. Dixon: Hahaha, she loves joking with me.


Dixon: Oh yeh...check it out. Adrianna and Gia are making out! Ivy: (thinking) How could Liam like Naomi?! I'm so totally hotter

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.