90210 Caption Contest: Volume IV

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Thank you to everyone that sent in a submission for this week's 90210 Caption Contest.

The winner was "fran," as this individual used Laurel's history with men to come up with the entry posted below the photo.

Think you can do better? It's too late for this edition, but remember to come back and play every Friday. Good luck!

90210 Caption Photo

Ryan: Why is Mick Jagger standing outside your house with a rose?

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Ryan: Can i have on large fries, pepsi and a side. Do you want anything?
Laurel: Can I have lots of sause ohh and some cigarettes for my boyfriend.


Ryan: hmmm, we could go inside...but my students are always complaining that I have to learn how to relate to them better so...what the hell.


vintage car for sale bright orange color electric windows comes with two thirty year olds who act like 16 year old teenagers


This is how robots have sex.


Ryan (thinking): *First my student's sister, now my student's mom... I think I'm ready for granny now.*


Ryan: Tell your daughter she doesn't have too stand outside. She can join us if she wants.


Ryan - *looks around* Look i think for my safety we should use protection this time.


Ryan - Whoa hold on, MUNCHIES!


Ryan: Why is Mick Jagger standing outside your house with a rose?


kiss me you fool


I'm gonna kill Dixon.


I too get ornery.

Naomi [kicking table]