90210 Caption Contest: Volume VII

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As always, thank you to everyone that submitted an entry for this week's 90210 Caption Contest.

While the winner, "AuroraRose," may have gone with a reference that goes over the heads of some readers, it made all Gilmore Girls fans smile. (Hint: Scott Patterson, who played Finn Court, had a key role on that CW series). That's why she gets this week's prize. Congrats!

Don't fret if you didn't come in first, however. Just dust yourself off and play again! This feature runs every week. Good luck!

Liam Pic

... and that's when I kissed Lorelai outside on the Dragonfly's porch.

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Liam: dad, i wanna be just like you. Dad: Well, first get rid of the those two girls..lamoi and acne


Finn: Oh, Liam, my son, I WAS the quarterback for the New York Eagles way back when...
Liam: Um, Dad, I think you are referring to the New York Giants...and no you weren't! You were in jail for like your whole life!
Finn: NOT TRUE! Don't you watch gilmore girls...even the reruns?


bahaha love auroraroses! gilmore girls ♥


Finn: No way- I slept with Jen Clark to!


Finn: ... and that's when I kissed Lorelai outside on the Dragonfly's porch.


Finn: ... and that's when I kissed Lorelai the Dragonfly's porch.


finn: reason number one why i should have this pizza: ive been in jail for the last couple years, and trust me, kiddo, the food theres no good!
reason number two: youre hot, young and youre surfing, meaning youre the one whos gonna get all the viewers because girls wanna see you take your shirt off- no one is going to tune in for someone without abs!
reason number three:....uhm....oh come on, im your father! you used to always do everything i wanted you to!


Finn:....And then I gave the prostitute the back of my hand! (Silence) Liam: I'm glad we're related.


Finn: Yeah kiddo so how's the love life?
Liam: Well I'm inbetween two girls at he moment.
Finn: Nice.. just remember to use protection.
*Both share a laugh*


You know what dad.....The New Dominoes recipe IS good!!!!!!!

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