Best of Gossip Girl Quotes: "Inglorious Bassterds"

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Between the shocking unraveling of Chair to Jenny's machinations and Danessa's ... well, whatever you want to call that, last night's Gossip Girl contained many memorable lines.

As always, we've been compiling them for the web's most comprehensive library of Gossip Girl quotes. Post ones we missed and we'll add them! Here's what we've got so far ...

NJ State
Blair: I never thought the worst thing you'd ever do would be to me. | permalink
Jack: That dress looks almost as beautiful on as I'm sure it will off. | permalink
Jack: Blair has seen the real you now. It's over. She could never love that. No one could. | permalink
Serena: You're a good guy Nate Archibald. Can I kiss you before I kill you? | permalink
Chuck: I am everything my father said I was. | permalink
Chuck: Back from shopping, no packages. Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend? | permalink
Eric: Friends don't kiss friends at their fashion shows. | permalink
Jenny: [to Nate] It's just ... whenever I'm alone I can't not think of the other night, you know? It's just, you're the only one who gets what I'm going through right now. | permalink
Rufus: Telling a woman you like her clothes isn't lying. It's self-preservation. | permalink
Dorota: I feel very bad not wishing him happy birthday or bringing him Polish breakfast sausages in bed. | permalink
Serena: No word from Chuck?
Blair: He's sitting down with Satan this morning. | permalink
Jack: Champagne okay?
Blair: I'd prefer something stronger, to kill the germs. | permalink
Blair: Serena, you've done some unforgivable things, like sleeping with Nate when we were saving ourselves for each other or killing Pete Fairman. How far is too far? | permalink
Jenny: [to Nate] I just thought you wanted to me have fun again. | permalink
Vanya: Dorota, from the first moment I saw you, I knew you were princess. And every day you make me feel like King. | permalink
Gossip Girl: On the Upper East Side, the rules of battle are simple: there are no rules. | permalink
Dorota: Someday maybe you girls find true love, too. And your children not grow up to be bastards. | permalink

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blair: i never thought that the worst thing you would ever do would be to me !
chuck : you went up there on your own ! I mean what was that about was he trying to make it her fault or what ?
I still can't believe it, i mean she was trying to help him and he's mad at her, i mean sometimes he could totaly be EVIL, i used to loooove chuck but after this episode not so much :(


beware of basses bearing gifts.


chucks future lies in your hands...well not really your hands


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BRILLIANT! -> Blair: Serena, you've done some unforgivable things, like sleeping with Nate when we were saving ourselves for each other or killing Pete Fairman. How far is too far? like killing someones was nothing haha


I soo with mmmmMcSteamy.... Blair and Chuck forever .... Even though he was a bit of an ass....


Heartbreaking lines from heartbreaking CB scenes. EL are just above and beyond the rest of the cast, IMO.


I agree with EVERYTHING this person said! (below me)


I'm pulling for Blair/Chuck like always. But I definitely wasn't expecting that, geez C!
As for Vanessa/Dan, I am hating this couple, ugh.... So much better as friends. It's almost like they don't belong to the show anymore, they are always doing something random off to the side. But I guess that adds variety?
And S/N..... so over this. They prove each week, that they only bring out the best in each other when they are naked.
Nice to see Eric back!!! I hope he gets more screen time, and can mend that train wreck of a relationship with Jenny, so sad to see that bond broken! ugh


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