Brenda Strong to Actually Be Seen on Desperate Housewives

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All Desperate Housewives viewers would recognize the voice of Brenda Strong.

But do they know her face?

The actress portrays the show's ever-present narrator, late Wisteria Lane matriarch Mary Alice Young. However, Strong says she’ll actually appear on screen during the April 25 episode.

“I will be on-camera on Desperate Housewives, not just doing the voice,” Strong tells TV Guide Magazine, explaining that she'll reprise her character in a flashback. “They did a really nice arc for Mary Alice where she is on camera to illuminate the history of one of our more mysterious characters on Wisteria Lane, so there’s some juicy stuff.”

Strong last showed up in January 2009.

Brenda Strong Picture

Because the character tends to reappear at crucial moments in the show’s history, is it safe to assume the same applies on April 25?

“Absolutely – this is the ‘Do not miss’ episode!” said Strong. “You see a different side of Mary Alice that has never been revealed before.”

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