Castle Season Finale Scoop: A Competition for Beckett's Affection

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On Monday's new episode of Castle, Beckett will tussle - in more ways than one! - with Michael Trucco's Tom Demming.

How will this relationship impact Kate and her partner? Executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe tells that the pair will stop fighting their feelings for each other on the May 17 season finale.

“Beckett and Castle finally realize their attraction to each other is too strong to deny, and decisions must be made by each of them," Marlowe told Michael Ausiello.

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Does this mean a romp between the sheets for Castle and Beckett? Probably not yet.

But Castle’s “not-too-subtle jealousy” over his partner’s new lover will result in “a competition for Beckett’s affection," Marlowe said.

Need we even ask fans which side they would be on in this battle?

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This is just GREAT .. And I found the finale title, "Always" so its kinda giving me HOPE for Caskett .. Its going to be AMAZING!!!! Lovin Castle more and more .. Castle and Caskett ROCKS!!!!


I think that the show is a great and they show some sexual tenison along the way you a smile here a hug there a kiss on the cheek and hand to hold letting your partner stay at your place when hers is burned down(tick tick and boom). I that it's good that they have this as the season final because during the summer we can think of the possible thing that could happen and the when September comes along again we will finnally get to see what becomes of castle and Beckett which will be very fun to watch I might add


Kiss beckket kiss


It's obvious which team I'm on: Team Castle, of course. But it's jsut as obvious that this will end up in a cliffhanger. No way would they give viewers the satisfaction of knowing that Castle and Beckett might get together without teasing us about it and leaving us wait for a couple of months to see where any of it goes. That's just the way TV works around here. It's kinda predictable...


Television needs to step and show an adult relationship. Castle and Beckett have feelings for each other, and the fans of the show want to see how these two build a relationship. How will Beckett react to not being able to control Castle. How will Castle react to Kate's strong personality. We want to see a real life relationship with its ups and downs. Castle is obviously a family person. Look how he treats his daughter and mother. Don't keep these two apart for long. I don't want to see them together at the end of the series. I want to see how their relationship grows.


Hate these stupid triangles. Why can't they ever have a TV romance without the main characters screwing each other over and making each other miserable before they ever get started? Is there a law of TV that says, before you get characters together, you must show the audience how truly petty and selfish they are? What? We're not even allowed to have fictional decent people anymore? Me, I'm skipping the last few episodes of season two, and probably one or two of the beginning of season three. Not going to buy them either. There, I can be petty too.


i honestly believe Beckett will go for Demming thinking that Castle just wants her in bed. But Demming will be the one to see the feelings between Castle and Beckett even when she cant. He will break it off leaving Beckett to contemplate her feelings for Castle just in time for May 17 to come around


I hope this isn't just a big tease. Anybody watch bones? They have let the will they won't they scenario go on for too long. I like this show so much better, the characters are so much more likeable.


Yeah I'm expecting one to decide to go for it and the other to decide NOT to go for it, probably Beckett. For now......>>
Just because they decide to stop fighting their feelings doesn't mean they have to get together. I'd love to see them together but I reckon it's a setup, spoiler releases are never as they seem.


I would be very surprised if they end up together so soon. It is a mandatory law that the first person to say I love you gets shot down. Castle will say it, Kate may admit some attraction but she will refuse to follow through and Castle will leave, giving us a cliffhanger until season 3!

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