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Dancing with the Stars Elimination: Kate Gosselin

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It was a decision five weeks in the making. After battling with her partner and lack of talent from day one, Kate Gosselin finally ran out of reprieves last night.

The reality mom was axed from Dancing with the Stars, and wept as she bid farewell: “To fans, thank you for believing in me more than I believed in myself.”

Embattled Gosselin said that even though “I was scared to death most of the time,” she gave the show “my all,” and in the end, “It was a great experience.”

Her partner, Tony Dovolani, who famously sparred with her during practices, said, “I know she gets a lot of criticism, but I give her all the credit in the world.”

Kate Gosselin Gets the Boot

Tony Dovolani is finally free. Free! FREE AT LAST!

In a new twist, the show told us right off the bat who was at risk and safe in groups of two.

The couples at risk: Kate and Tony (obviously) Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower, Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke, and Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood.

Pam and Damian ended up in the bottom two with Kate and Tony, and while we wouldn't have been shocked to see Kate squeak by yet again, she did not deserve to.

She had a good run, but it was a gimmick and she was on borrowed time from the start. She was once again the worst of the week five scores and had little potential.

Are you sad to see Kate go? Who is your favorite couple remaining, and who do you think stands the best chance of winning Dancing with the Stars?

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It is about time, all she loves is herself. She has to be the person in charged, like she was with Jon, & in front of the camera,s . She is all about self pity & me-me-me. She is to blame why Jon ran off. She drove him away ! She can not dance !


It's about time. I was one of the people who watched just because it was fun to watch Kate bungle through a dance routine every week. She should have been the first one to go because every other person was really doing their best. I hope Tony gets the very best dancer next time around; he earned it.