Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Major Season Finale Scoop!

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With all the negative press being paid to Desperate Housewives away from the set, can you blame producer Bob Daily for wanting to focus fans' attention on the show itself?

It returns with a new episode on Sunday, and then airs its season finale on May 16. Michael Ausiello spoke to Daily this week and collected the following season-ending scoop on the show. Read no further if you wish to be surprised...

No Cash, Mo' Problems: “Mike and Susan are going to have some financial issues. They’re experiencing the economic woes that much of America is experiencing, and it’s going to create issues in their marriage and it will lead them to make a life-changing decision in the finale.”

Lynette will give birth under “pretty scary circumstances... I don’t want to give too much away, but it ties into the mystery of who the Fairview Strangler is."

Tom and Lynette Pic

Jeremy's actual motives/goals are reveals, but unfortunately for Bree, “he knows some shocking Van De Kamp secrets that will come back to haunt her."

Simply put, “someone the audience has gotten to know this season” will die in the finale.

Also: there will be a "big explosion" on the episode.

Wow. Where do we even start, Desperate Housewives fans? How about this: Who do you think will die?

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It Patrick Logan who dies.
I have watch the finale season and if you remeber this man Paul Young he comes back and lives in Susan house. because Susan moves. :)


I think Andrew will die. Suicide to save the family from shame of killing Carlos' mom or by the hand of Sam; or Parker commits suicide distraught over death of finance. Eddie will kill himself too.


i think it will be angie will get killed by patrick and eddie will kill himself...


Its angie, I read it in a magazine.


SAM IS GOING TO DIE!!!!!! i will not watch the show anymore if its angie i lovvee her!! or maybe it will be eddie orlosky the fairview strangler.


I was wondering if all that about andrew and Carlos mama would ever surface again, now thats interesting! and i think its goinna be sam getting killed off.


its danny or eddy... btw eddys the strangler


it is most likley gooing to be eddie because it's someone that we got to know this season... and yes we knew him before... but we just got to know him this season... so yup... and by the way who ever doesn't know who jermey is isn's a true fan!!!


gabby is goin to die n sadly i am pissed


My guess is its Angie but that is too obvious since Drea said she was only doing one season so that sucks.

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