Early Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Scandalous "Dr. Estrangeloved" Promo

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Earlier today we posted a new batch of Gossip Girl sneak previews for this coming Monday's episode, "The Unblairable Lightness of Being." Now, we're fast forwarding a bit.

To April 26, that is. Apparently, there's no new episode on the 19th (?) but in any case, "Dr. Estrangeloved" looks like it will make up for that one-week layoff and then some.

In the promo below, it appears that Jenny Humphrey goes totally off the rails, making her move on Nate and threatening his romance with Serena using a three-step plan:

  1. Create doubt.
  2. Seduce.
  3. Close the deal.

Is she taking her plot so far that she sets into motion a chain reaction which leaves Jenny off the show for part or all of next season? Looks more and more that way.

Meanwhile, there are some brief images of Chuck in the "Dr. Estrangeloved" promo that may make despondent Chair fans cringe. Just warning you ahead of time there.

Check out the promo here and share your comments below ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/dr-strangeloved-promo/" title="Dr. Strangeloved Promo"] [/video]

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Jenny such a bitch.. in season 1 she tried to steal Nate from Blair now she trying to steal Nate from Serena.. Serena is always a nice person in the show.. i really2 like her character so much except she kind of easily trust people wish she had some senses on that... but overall She perfect! please make SERENA & NATE long lasting couples.. as Serena deserved to be loved n in love... last time Dan is really critical to her.. i liked Nate cherish her with love, care and being supportive...


i think people should relax about jenny.. i mean nowdays she's pretty much a mix of Blair and Serena, plus the fact that she is the only one that has gone from being 14 to 16, character AND actress, whereas all the other mains go from 16-18, which is also a big change, but i would believe that the majority of people believe they themselves changed from when they were 14 to 16. she's just growing up and her desire for Nate is just a normal teenage crush which makes sense because Nate has helped her soooo many times throughout the series.


I love chuck and blair, but I am happy we have the old chuck back. And I am so excited for the jenny/nate/serena plot


I hate jenny so much! but you gotta give props to taylor momsen. she really plays the character well


SPOILERS*** i just watched 318 and it was good but if ur an extreme chair fan like i am ur going to die inside because they legit call it quits as much as chuck is trying to get her back she is thinking that love should be easy and in the end chuck walks off with a slut even tho nate tried to stop him and blair goes and dances with DAN!!! (shivers and gags) (no offense to dair fans i just dont like them sorry!! ) and jenny is giving nate only half the story of the things serena tells her to say making it look like serenas cheating when shes not she is only looking for her father and she finds her mom where he is supposed to be!1 but amzing news erics got a new bf:P


:O Why does it air a week later than usual?!


At 0:18 seconds when theres that closeup of Chuck's face, I think he sees Blair with someone else trying to move on.
This is where the whole "Chuck tries to stop Blair from moving on" SL comes in from the episode recap section. He looks really cut & infuriated, I'm so excited!


Chique&Pb : Agree with both of you.


pb - I completely agree! I think Serena gets unfairly bashed and labelled a slut and a whore completely unjustly. Admittedly, party girl Serena does sound as though she fits that description, but the reformed Serena that we've seen since series one is completely different. Throughout Series 1, she maintained quite a steady relationship with Dan. During this time, Blair, who is idolised by fans, first tried to lose her virginity during a party just to tie Nate down, then later broke up with Nate and slept with his best friend in the same day, then prompty dropped Chuck and slept with Nate again. Now I love Blair (and Chair), and I'm not calling her a slut at all, but I think it's unfair to call Serena one. In series 2, after getting back together with Dan briefly, we see Serena get involved with Aaron, who she wanted to be exclusive with despite his feelings on the matter, and they ended up dating exclusively for a while. After another try with Dan, she starts a relationship with Gabriel, who she seems to want to be fully committed to, without knowing he was conning her. During this time, Blair slept with Lord Marcus, despite knowing her feelings for Chuck, then went into a downwards spiral and slept with Carter Baizen, then went back to Nate, mainly out of denial for her feelings for Chuck, then to Chuck again. Again, I'm not trying to insult Blair at all, I love both her and Serena, I just don't think it's fair that Serena gets hated on so much and Blair is adored. Finally, in series 3, I'll admit Serena is a lot more morally questionable: various trysts during her trip (including Christiano Ronaldo, apparently), Carter Baizen (although again, she was in a committed relationship with him that broke off due to his past behavior). I think her affair with Tripp was very wrong, but no one seems to have judged Nate for his affair with Lady Catherine, which appeared to be mainly about the sex, where as Serena appeared to really feel something for Tripp. Vanessa is the only one who has slept with all three of the main leads in the show, yet I haven't seen her labelled a slut. Anyway, I'm sorry for this really long post, I just get annoyed with the character hate for Serena. When Blair or Jenny is bitchy, the public loves them, but it seems Serena only ever tries to be nice, and the public hate on her. I definitely think Jenny is in the wrong in this situation, and the fact that people don't like Serenate doesn't excuse her actions towards two people who have only ever been kind to her. As for Chuck, I don't see why the writers seem to be trying to make him as unlikeable as possible, first with whoring Blair out to Jack, then with trying to split up his best friend's relationship, this is worse than anything season 1 Chuck ever did. Again, sorry for the really long post!


Wow, when Little J moves in for her kiss Serena is in the background! She is watching the whole thing. I hope Nate pulls away. Then they both realize how Jenny has been playing them. As much as everyone bashes Serena I think her luck with men is terrible. She is always getting dumped on by guys: Dan (constantly made her feel bad about herself), Aaron (manipulated her like crazy), Gabriel (stole money from her family and friends, was a liar), and Tripp (lied to her, manipulated her and left her in a car accident). Carter was the only one who didn't treat her badly, but he left her in the end. She has some serious issues when it comes to relationships, for once I'd like to see a guy show her how much they really care. If Nate does that I think it could be great. As someone else pointed out: why is Jenny such a monster? Her family life has been pretty good and most of her drama of her own making. She has no reason to be such a trouble maker, except sheer boredom and selfishness.

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