Early Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Scandalous "Dr. Estrangeloved" Promo

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Earlier today we posted a new batch of Gossip Girl sneak previews for this coming Monday's episode, "The Unblairable Lightness of Being." Now, we're fast forwarding a bit.

To April 26, that is. Apparently, there's no new episode on the 19th (?) but in any case, "Dr. Estrangeloved" looks like it will make up for that one-week layoff and then some.

In the promo below, it appears that Jenny Humphrey goes totally off the rails, making her move on Nate and threatening his romance with Serena using a three-step plan:

  1. Create doubt.
  2. Seduce.
  3. Close the deal.

Is she taking her plot so far that she sets into motion a chain reaction which leaves Jenny off the show for part or all of next season? Looks more and more that way.

Meanwhile, there are some brief images of Chuck in the "Dr. Estrangeloved" promo that may make despondent Chair fans cringe. Just warning you ahead of time there.

Check out the promo here and share your comments below ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/dr-strangeloved-promo/" title="Dr. Strangeloved Promo"] [/video]

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Chuck u Basstard
N Jenny is such a bitch
i used 2 luv chuck but now he iz a fukin idiot


i just realised, serena is actually standing there when jenny is about to kiss nate, it's not just the bit after that that suggests she sees them! this should be a great episode :D


urgh, can't believe jenny's not going to be there at the start of next season! how boring are gossip girls story lines going to be? well, the ones not concerning chair, anyway.


Actually I think Blair will probably not let Chuck win her back that easily, so it would be typical for him to temporarily give up, drink unimaginable amounts of alcohol and then sleep with other girls.
Eventually, he´ll come to his senses. On the Jenny thing, weeks ago I saw some pictures of Jenny departing at Grand Central, her family saying good bye to her. My guess: she´s visiting her mum or they´ll get her into boarding school à la Serena. Which does not mean she´s gonna stay there ...


Stella i agree with you!! LOL




Ugh... I REALLY hope Nate doesn't cheat on Serena with Jenny!!!


Chuck should be fighting to get Blair back, so I really hope the girls in his room aren't his. He's slept with other girls in the past when Blair was fighting for him so its sad and dispointing to see that tiny scene. Fight for her, not hurt her again you idiot Chuck! Jenny being pregnant is such a typical boring storyline I don't think Gossip Girl writers would bother with, too many shows have done it.


Who's that girl in Chuck's room?! That is wrong! Chair forever!


Ok, if Chuck is trying to win Blair back how can she buy it if he's sleeping with other women in the meantime. Well I mean how can I buy it. LOL.
Jenny won't get pregnant with Nate's baby. That'd be too good of a storyline. Serena seems to always get her way.

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