Early Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Scandalous "Dr. Estrangeloved" Promo

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Earlier today we posted a new batch of Gossip Girl sneak previews for this coming Monday's episode, "The Unblairable Lightness of Being." Now, we're fast forwarding a bit.

To April 26, that is. Apparently, there's no new episode on the 19th (?) but in any case, "Dr. Estrangeloved" looks like it will make up for that one-week layoff and then some.

In the promo below, it appears that Jenny Humphrey goes totally off the rails, making her move on Nate and threatening his romance with Serena using a three-step plan:

  1. Create doubt.
  2. Seduce.
  3. Close the deal.

Is she taking her plot so far that she sets into motion a chain reaction which leaves Jenny off the show for part or all of next season? Looks more and more that way.

Meanwhile, there are some brief images of Chuck in the "Dr. Estrangeloved" promo that may make despondent Chair fans cringe. Just warning you ahead of time there.

Check out the promo here and share your comments below ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/dr-strangeloved-promo/" title="Dr. Strangeloved Promo"] [/video]

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OMG OMG OMG...I think that maybe Jenny is going to leave because she gets pregnant or something. In one show on the CW a character gets pregnant so maybe Jenny will. Plus all the producers are like we are taking a huge turn on Jenny's character!!! Maybe the dad will be Nate...lol!


I'm pretty sure Jenny and Nate won't sleep together. Which is boring because that would be kind of awesome and unexpected.
I mean we saw photos of Serena together with Nate in the same places where Jenny tries to kiss him. But Nate is a good boy so he probably says something like "No Jenny. I'm still with Serena. I told you we where just friends."
Chucks comment is perhaps to Nate about his relationship with Serena?


hmm jenny is such a man stealer. enough jenny why dont you try to make friends at school and find your own boyfriend. huh instead of making your stepsister and friend serena hate you? how about that. im glad she's going to be gone. i wonder how she'll survive without clinging onto serena's friends and boyfriend. since those are the only friends she actually has.


This is still so unreal to me. She's telling him that he deserves better and then offers herself?! Hello? BETTER Jenny. You said better, not worse.
Ha, I bet she kinda wish she hadn't skipped so much school now. Seriously, if she thinks she's better than Serena her character deserves to be cancelled.


i hate jenny..!


helloooooooooooooooooooooooo she can't be! Didn't you see in the promo that serena walked in just before stupid jenny kissed nate so they couldn't really slept together ... or maybe they had a threesome...:d really funny,but not impossible,this is gossip girl.. so either jenny sleeps with nate later... or it's seerena and nate or maybe jenny goes away cause she does something even worse... they said they have a really major plan for her on the season finale,so who knows.. and i have hope that jenny and nate won't be together and that nate will not give im ...besides they said way beforeeeee that nate will resist jenny's seducing gamess so..


Why all of you hate Jenny? If she really loves Nate, it must be so painfull for her to see him with Serena. She just want to do everything to get him. If you will be in love, you won't do it too???




I just love the fact that Chuck and Jenny are meking this plot togehter ;))


Well,if anyone follows Auesello on EW -- he said that there will be a pregnancy at the end of the season on one show - GG is one of the shows it might be. Now they are saying that Jenny won't be in the first few episodes of next season -- do you think she will get pregnant with Nate't child?

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