Fringe Review: "The Man from the Other Side"

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What an absolutely GREAT episode.  This week, on “The Man From the Other Side”, Newton returns with some freaky looking shape-shifters on a mission. They are trying to open up a door and connect the two universes.  Which definitely left us wondering pondering why!?! By the end of the hour, Peter is missing and an unidentifiable man has crossed into our universe. 

Poor Walter!  We enjoyed watching his internal struggle, wanting to tell Peter the truth but fearing that truth would make him lose his son forever.  Can’t blame the guy, he just recently reconnected with Peter in the first place.  Peter even called Walter dad in this episode, which ended up surprising them both.

Shocking Discovery

Peter ultimately finds out that he does not belong to Walter and it breaks our heart watching the anger he has for his father.  He has no idea the lengths Walter has gone to protect him. Walter was so driven; he was the one who created the portal to save him when he was dying.  If it wasn’t for Walter, Peter wouldn’t be alive today. We hope he remembers that Walter would do anything to save him, because he loves him more than anything!

Later we learn Peter has checked himself out of the hospital and is missing.  Do you think Walter and Olivia will be able to find him?  Which universe will Peter end up remaining in?  Too bad they cannot create a machine to clone Peter. When it’s all said and done one Walter will still be missing a son, we just hope it’s not our Walter.

At the end of the episode we see a man with Newton, recovering.  He seems severely hurt but still alive.  OK, we have to say it; we guess this man is Walternate, Peter’s real father!  We knew he would eventually come looking for his son, and wonder why it took him so long to find a way over.  Now the entire story makes sense don’t you think? 

We always wondered what Newton was up to, always trying to open up the door for something to cross into our universe.  Now we think we know the answer… Who would have the desire and the know how to cross dimensions?  A man looking for the son he lost many years ago!  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

We see a lot of our many questions being answered soon.  We cannot wait!!!

Here are a few of our favorite Fringe quotes to keep you guessing until next week:
Walter: A well ordered house is a sign of a well ordered mind.
Peter: Yeah and staying up all night to find a perfect place for your laundry hamper is a sign of something else in my books. | permalink
Walter: Peter, every living thing dies, as a scientist that's one of the hardest things to accept. | permalink
Walter: Look, it's a lemon zinger I believe. Not as good as the stuff I grow but it's not bad either.
Peter: Well, at least she died in a happy place. | permalink
Walter: As they say in Finland, there's more than one way to roast a reindeer. | permalink
Peter: I am not your son. | permalink


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Well, I knew that Walternate was here to get Peter. Will Peter question his real father about his lack of value for human life on this side to acheive his goals? eak3, I will politely disagree with you. I was an avid fan of X-Files and Fringe is focused on one developing theme, and that is to deal with the alternate universe and what their intentions are (other than retreiving Peter)for this universe. The X-Files dealt with aliens, cryptozoology and other issues of the unexpained. I hope that future episodes will wax yor interest.


After almost 2+ seasons .. Im still trying to figure out what exactly is Joshua Jackson's point of being in the show...he's just kind of there every episode. I must say though I've lost alot of interest in this show, it tries to be too much like X-Files which was a far superior show.


maybe walternate went kind of crazy after loosing his song, so he was sent to st. claires too, and now that he is free he wants not only his song, but also revenge on our universe


Walter was going to return Peter, but his wife was the one who wanted Peter to stay. Walter did it for her and as she couldn't cope with the guilt of that decision, committed suicide. So, as far as Walter is concerned, he really wasn't completely in the wrong, especially since he did save Peter's life. I hope that Peter will learn of this and forgive him. I am certain that Walternate has crossed over and it will be something to have him meet our Walter face to face!


I don't agree, playe.
I see both sides. I don't think Peter is poorly written and I for sure care about him. He is a main reason I watch the show. I just hope they find him!


I don't think that is walternate


i sympasithe with all of them. my question is how long did walter take to go and get the altrrnate peter. where as the walternate took 25 years to go n get peter. i know y peter is sad but the way walter ran into that hospital room it was heartbreaking. n if you love someone so much, y kill so many to obtain the thing you have lost. in this episode alone how many people died just for walternate to cross over. m sure there had to be another way fo him to do things. i sympasize with peter but m gald he was somehow raised by our walter.


You're wrong I feel for both Peter and Olivia they were both used as children by Walter and have been kept in the dark most of their lives. I'm with you!! Walter maybe an endearing character now and I can empathize with him on the loss of his child but he should have at least tried to return Peter (If you truly love someone you try to do what's in their best interest) unless of course there was another reason that the Observers know about and we have yet to be told.


its so typical that everyone will be taking Walter's side while nobody ever cares about Peter's side to this. That's right cause the writers have written Peter so poorly, nobody cares about him.

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I'm not from here am I? You just didn't open up a hole from the other side. You went through and you brought me back. That's why I was able to survive Newton's device.


I am not your son.