Glee to Continue to Explore Rinn, Puckleberry and Other Relationships

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While fans continue to praise this week's incredible Madonna-themed episode of Glee, producer Brad Falchuck isn't resting on his laurels or living in the past.

As evidenced by a new interview with E! News, he's focused squarely on the future. Specifically, Rachel's future and the numerous suitors she'll have as the season progresses. Sorry, Jesse St. James, but you're about to have some serious competition.

Referring to the Finn-Rachel relationship as "a core of the show," Falchuck said of the pair we've dubbed "Rinn:"

"We always are going to explore that relationship in many different ways. It's going to be a push and pull in that sometimes it's going to be him going after her and sometimes it's going to be her going after him, and they're always going to be watching each other from afar."

Ms. Berry

Kurt is about the only member of New Directions who won't have a chance with Rachel.

But Finn won't be alone in this regard. Falchuck offered up a few spoilers/nuggets regarding other possible pairings for Rachel. To wit: Puckleberry.

"Every good girl likes a bad boy, and there's nobody more good than Rachel and nobody no more bad than Puck," the producer said. "We'll continue to explore it. It's high school! Everybody is always bouncing around to everybody."

It's time for you to choose sides, fans. Who should Rachel date?

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It is beyond me why the focus is on Rachel when Quinn is in that show. I do not care who she dates. There is untapped potential in the hotness that would be the relationship between Quinn and Puck.


Does anyone else think these couple names are hilarious? There is going to be a PuckleBerry Finn love triangle!

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[to Kurt] You know, these Mounds bars are delicious, but you have to eat them. If you just hold them in your hand hoping that you might get to eat them one day, they're going to melt and you'll look like somebody just pooped in your hand. Don't let waiting for things to maybe work out with Blaine turn you into the guy who looks like somebody just pooped in their hand.


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