Gossip Girl Caption Contest 97

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Welcome to the 97th edition of the Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

Your Caption Contest winner this week is Ain't Born Typical. Congrats!

The winning entry appears below the photo. Scroll down the page for the full list of entries submitted this week. Honorable mentions go out to Blair215, j21 and pty.

Thanks to all for playing and good luck next time!


Nate: Guys, I have good news and bad news. Good news: you no longer have to role play as not even that can make your relationship any more exciting. Bad news: our threesome's been canceled.

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N: i know you're in a rut, so dan i'll be happy to role play Vanessa for you.
D: no, no, no, really i'm fine.
N: Serena?
D: . . .
V: Dan!


Nate (singsong): I'm feeling an outer boroughs threesome! V's in, so Dan, you up for it, or am I calling Jenny?


Nate: That's what she said.


Dan- Nate? What are you doing here?
Nate- I just came to hang out with Vanessa. You don't mind leaving, do you?
Dan- You do realize she's my girlfriend, right?
Nate- Yeah, but I'm just trying to keep my options open in case me and the tall, blond one don't work out.
Dan- I still don't feel comfortable with this.
Nate- Oh come on, it's not like you guys are Chuck and Blair, you won't last forever.


Nate: Dan...
Dan: yeah? Ohh, sorry man...i can't help myself, the man bangs get me everytime!
Nate: I'll let it slide this time
Dan: Thanks man, your the best...
Vanessa: Umm, Dan...I don't read ur lame ass poetry for you to flirt with my ex.
Dan: Oh, Vanessa...I forgot you were there


V and I were just meant to be...I'm sorry Dan, it's over.


Vanessa: when i asked nate to be in our threesome i kinda thought this time it would be two guys fighting for my attention but now it seems like me and nate trying to get dan- again!


D: vanessa, three's a crowd
V: fine, i'll go.*turns to leave*
N: good. serena will be here soon.
V: HEY! but you just said. . .
D: jeez Nate, you're supposed to wait til AFTER she leaves


Nate: Hey um next time you guys are feeling a little um spontanious in the bedroom...you guys can give me a call.


Nate: Wow, V, that's amazing! How on earth did you finally get him to sleep with you?
Vanessa: By slipping him the same stuff I once gave you.

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