Gossip Girl Poster Teases Arrival of Serena's Dad

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With all the talk of Chuck and Blair dominating many Gossip Girl discussions following this week's chilling episode, another development hinted at throughout the first half of the season has been put on the back burner ... but apparently not for much longer.

A new poster for CW sweeps week features Serena and her long lost father, played by William Baldwin, finally reunited. We're not 100 percent sure of the date of Baldwin's first appearance, however, the April 26 episode is called "It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World," so ...

The poster's tagline? Daddy's back and they've made up ... everything.

Tell us what you make of that cryptic teaser and the poster below:

Serena and Her Dad

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Damn,she looks perfect.But I feel gross about this pic,maybe Billy looks creepy?


My god.. Sreene.. da pretties girl i ever c in my whole life.. Blake u really pretty...


S looks drop dead gorgeous. :D


FINALLY Serena wears a dress that doesn't show EVERYTHING. I guess having good old daddy around will improve her wardrobe from thrashy to classy.


although people are saying "made up" meaning lies what if its all is forgiven? unlikely but who knows..... i love serenas hair, good to see shes actually changing into more than one style :)

Gossip de la girl

Carter's return definitely sparks this reunion.
S looks stunning in this photo.


I can't even imagine what is going on here with "made up...everything." Perhaps, Carter has something to do with this. And I'm wondering if he shows up next week and that is what happens at the end of the promo when Serena goes to the hotel. I didn't really like the idea of that Baldwin actor being Serena's dad, but the poster makes it look believable. Can't wait to see what goes on with him, Lily and Rufus. Drama all around!


meeting with carter has got something to do with her father i think...


hmmmmmmm for some reason I believe Georgina has something to do with this.


ewwww=( oh please no!

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