Gossip Girl Producer to Fans: Breathe!

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Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Schwartz took to his Twitter account for a tidbit about the show yesterday, and unlike previous plugs, this one seeks to reassure fans.

Aware of a potential storm brewing regarding what Chuck does, among other unresolved issues, he says soon enough, all will be ... addressed. Still somewhat vague.

Still, we encourage you to weigh in on this latest Tweet from Josh ...


At the very least, Josh recommends we choose new insults!

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Addressing the whole Blair and Chuck thing: WHAT THE FCUK!! In the next episode preview they are supposedly back together but blair mentions something about more games??? Please no more games. Blair/Chuck fans cant take anymore games. They had been stringing us along since the first episode of the first season with Chuck and Blair and now we finally, FINALLY, get them in a stable relationship and it's being threatened to end or have more highschool style games?? I really hope they stay together and have NO MORE GAMES.


I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you x 100000000000 Josh. They took the best thing about the show away, Chuck and Blar. :( I'm still weeping over their loss. AND HE MADE EVERYONE HATE CHUCK!! I dont hate him (Chuck), but alot of people do now after 3x17. Why did they have to break up the most popular couple? I would understand if it made sense, but the way they broke up did NOT make sense and was completely OOC for one of them *cough CHUCK cough*


please .we all know that the story has been kind of boring now but you can't just have another couple break up . you don't think that is a little bit fake?? 'cause if the story is going that way we know that they break up on purpose but is nothing about their own problems.


yes !! can't agree more !! Let's fight for chair!! I don't wanna see them break up !! they are MEANT to be together right??oh man,they've come so far don't ruin it for me ! I rather see GG come to an end now than having the story come to its climax(which I dont think is) by sacrificing chair!! if you're gonna boycott that, I'm in!!


sure, JS, sure. didn't you also say that everything would be adressed and resolved in the season 2 finale? done trusting the writers.


If Blair really ends up sleeping with Jack, I think I will boycott Gossip Girl forever! The only reason I am watching Gossip Girl now is for Chair anyway, so if Chair is ruined, the show is pretty much ruined for me.


does this mean that blair and nate will have more sweet scenes as friends? please at least give us NB shippers that much!!!


Josh, PLEASE don't take Chair away from us. Pretty please! :)


I agree with Chloe, I HATE how they are making Jenny to be the evil bad guy and Serena to be the innocent victom...again.


What a douche bag. (thats a new insult for me anyway) I do half love him for creating GG, but the other half hates him right now for screwing everything up, just to get 'OMG' moments. You can only do so many 'OMG' moments before it turns into a soapy. They are breaking up Chuck and Blair purely for hype, because they know that it would cause hype due to their popularity. They are doing exactly what they did with the OC, just turning it weirdo town. And I hate with this Jenny/Serena/Nate love triangle that they are making Jenny the bad guy. In every situation you dont have to have an obvious good guy and an obvious bad guy, you can have people in between. Though I do love the idea of the Jenny/Nate/Serena love triangle, I just hope that they write it good.

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