Gossip Girl Producers: Chuck & Blair Will Always Be There

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While Gossip Girl fans have been hearing rumblings about how tragic things may get in upcoming episodes - starting with what appears to be a haunting, Indecent Proposal-esque episode tonight - Gossip Girl's show-runners say not to give up on Chair.

"The thing that fans should know that hopefully is reassuring," Josh Schwartz says. "is that Chuck and Blair are always top of mind to me and [Stephanie Savage]."

"There's been a long-term plan in place since the very beginning of the show about them as a couple, and Chuck and Blair will always be there, top of mind."

"A lot of times on shows like these," Josh continues, "fans live and die week to week in terms of what happens with their favorite couples. Obviously if they only stay together and are happy, people will complain, and if they're fighting, people will, too."

Chair Discussion

The saga of Chair takes a dramatic turn tonight ... but it's not over.

"Narratively, Chuck and Blair have been the most sustained couple we've had on the show. Many other Gossip Girl couples have come and gone in the time that Chuck and Blair and their romance has been in the forefront, and the driving edge of other stories."

"Chuck and Blair have been there since the first episode," Savage adds. "You see them come together in the pilot, the second-to-last scene, and you feel the electricity of these two minds meeting and about to embark on a scheme."

"We got them together in episode seven and have been telling that story ever since."

But what about tonight's "Inglorious Bassterds," and the events therein?

We'll see the ramifications of Chuck losing his hotel at the hands of evil Uncle Jack Bass and the ominous twist involving Blair that lead to that genius promotional display in an NYC storefront. Turns out, that window was Stephanie's brainchild.

"I was in the Matthew Williamson store," she says, "and the beautiful dress Blair wears in this episode was in the store, and I had this weird, tingly feeling, like, 'I have a secret! I know something about this dress that no one else in this store knows."

And thus the idea for the ultimate "Inglorious Bassterds" display was born.

"Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way that we could do something with that?' So I called [Gossip Girl stylist] Eric Daman, and our publicity people got the Matthew Williamson people together on the same page, and we just threw it together."

"We did it in a couple of days, indie-music-video style, like, who's got a TV? We just did it ourselves." Awesome, right? Definitely the exact sort of thing that's vintage Gossip Girl.

What do you think of these thoughts on Chuck and Blair? Reassuring? What do you predict happens tonight, and how will the couple respond? Comment away.

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I am totally addicted to GG but the only reason I watch is for Chair. They are both amazing people and I was so sad when you made them break up. I know there are millions of fans who love chair please let them get back together let them get engaged and married it would make it so much more fun and so many more people would watch it. CHAIR forever put them back together please.


THEY HAVE 2 GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THEY BELONG 2GETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holy shit. Okay I get that everyone has a different opinion, but this one's mine. CB will never be totally done. This break-up was needed, however much I hate to admit it. I'm an unconditional, die-hard Chuck and Blair fan, yes, but I think their characters need to develop a bit. I know that Chuck gets a new girlfriend, which made me incredibly upset. Why can't he just man-whore around a bit? I suspect Blair will go back to scheming and such (aka, being a bitch, FINALLY), and maybe another storyline with Nate, like in the books? If we're going to be following the books, please leave out the part where Chuck is gay or whatever was hinted at. A Chuck and Blair wedding, though?
Not yet!!
Sometime, yes. I was just thinking about that today and was hoping for one, but at the same time, that's totally unrealistic and it's just not time! They need some more time to figure out who they are and what the hell they are together. If they can't stay together for a few episodes, a wedding will not be underway quite yet. But somewhere in the future, I definitely support a wedding. Of course, God knows what SS and JS have in mind. I feel kind of like what I felt when Shonda messed up Grey's. But, I will trust SS and JS enough to say that CB will never quite be over. They wouldn't break CB up unless they had a plan, yeah.


I love blair and chuck together. they're the best couple in GG. they have good chemistry. but of course their story needs some twists too, ;) but definitely they MUST end up together again~!!! i wanna see that romantic bad boy type of chuck like in season two!


chuck and blair should end up together. The ONLY reason why i watch gg is because of them..having them "DONE" would mean that i'll stop watching gossip girl...


Yeh! CHuck and Blair forever. They are good together.


I am tired of Blair been humiliated by Chuck. I want Queen Bitch back for good


yes chuck and blair were good before they were officially together him sex crazy and chuck bass womanizer and blair the bitch we all know and love and it may be good for them to be seperated for a while but I DON'T want them seperated.
It broke my heart watching them break up
Its killing me that they aren't together and I know its only a tv show but I am insanely addicted and obsessed with this fabulous amazing beautiful EPIC couple!!
They belong together.
As long as they end up back together we're good. =)
I want to see blair and dan together even just for a few episodes.
And chuck with idk maybe serena.


as long as chair end up together in the end, then im happy. if they dont, then gossip girl is dead to me. end of story.


Thank goodness Jenny is getting the boot. That girl is a waste of storyline and eyeliner. CANNOT STAND HER! Good riddance, hopefully she gets shipped off to boarding school never to be heard of again. Chuck is a bastard. If Jack were truly a dick he would have slept with Blair and then told her about the deal... see, even Jack has more morals than Chuck. Chuck needs to leave Blair alone and Blair needs to MOVE ON. Forget about him. Chuck and Blair getting married would be retarded- they'd still have the same problems and they are only 19/20! Transfer to Columbia or hello Yale! and start anew. In "reality" she should move to Europe to finish her studies, but this is GG and we need Blair in NYC. So Columbia it is. She can go wild, be a socialite, go out a lot, head or chair a bunch of charities/ committees and enjoy being beautiful, rich, and young in NYC. Eventually she should find some awesome millionaire's son and just forget about Chuck for a little while. They can reunite in like 10 years and eventually get married but right now, they shouldn't be together. HE doesn't deserve her, and he turned her into a whimp. She made him boring... Sorry, but its true. If the writers truly had guts, they would also kiss Dan and Vanessa goodbye and slowly phase out Lilly and Rufus... Serena and Blair can move in together and take over the show... Chuck, Nate, Georgina, Carter can all stay. Until then, I'll take Jenny being banished from NYC never to be heard from again.

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