Gossip Girl Review: "Dr. Estrangeloved"

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On last night's Gossip Girl, family secrets were revealed, schemes were hatched, couples fought and were torn apart, and evil Jenny totally got hers ... it was great.

There were plenty of developments in "Dr. Estrangeloved," which set us up beautifully for an exciting final three weeks. Let's begin with Vanessa and Dan (yawwwn).

When Dan finds out Vanessa got the spot in the Tisch writing program he applied for,he  complains to his friend Willa that she used a script based on his short story.

Willa’s dad happens to be on Tisch’s board, so she pulls some strings and gets Dan in, ousting V. High fives, right? Well, not so fast. She actually used her own play.

Dan frantically calls Willa to get her to reverse the decision, but the damage is done, as Vanessa, realizing Dan was okay with this to begin with, is ignoring his calls.

These two were actually pretty good in this episode, even if it paled in comparison to some of the other drama. We'll see where they take it in the upcoming weeks.

van der Woodsen Reunion

Serena's long-awaited reunion with dad wasn't quite as she'd hoped.

When we first see Lily and Serena, they are heading home to "explain everything" to Rufus. Explain what, we don't know, but Dr. William van der Woodsen will tell us.

He arrives first, and they all tell Rufus what Lily has been lying about. Lily has a "very treatable" cancer and William had been treating her, in secret, for some time.

Absurd as it is how Rufus is more or less okay with it, we actually can see Lily lying about such a huge thing for so long, seeing as she lies about everything anyway.

William Baldwin, with a voice that sounds like a mix of Chuck Bass and his brother Alec, was great as Dr. VDW. Charming and just shady enough to keep us guessing.

Looks like we'll keep guessing too - but only regarding what he's up to. Lily relapses, and then as the credits are about to roll, the night ends on an unsettling note.

"It’s not working exactly as I’d hoped," William says into the phone, blackmailing an unnamed person at the other end. "I need you to write Lily another prescription."

What sort of ruse do you think he's up to?

Now for the portions of the night that were vintage Gossip Girl, with
Season One style machinations from both Chuck and Little J, who spent the night at Nate's place.

Nothing happened, but she's walking around in his shirt and no pants just wishing something did. She's clearly frustrated that Nate is still trying to work it out with S.

Since he wants his BFF back (?) Chuck is all too happy to help J hash a plan - make Serena jealous so she ditches Nate, as the reverse will never happen. Diabolical.

Chuck's real motives here are highly questionable, as he's wasted and getting ready for a threesome with some random girls. It's sad to watch, yet blissfully entertaining.

She takes Nate's shirt and drapes it in her bag for S to see. Jenny tells her that she and Nate "were just hanging out" and they just "totally lost track of time." B!tch.

Meanwhile, Blair had planned a "rebound brunch" for herself, but no eligible bachelors showed, leading her to conclude that Chuck has issued a "dating fatwa" on her.

She turns to Dan, awesomely, for help getting a guy to make C jealous and get on Gossip Girl, thus undoing the fatwa. Dan tells her about an "art party" in Brooklyn.

CJ Chat

Chuck and Jenny hatch a plan to pry Nate from Serena.

There, she has her sights set on a hot Columbia dude, but Chuck, Nate and Jenny arrive as well, and the plan backfires. Denial is not the way to forget Chuck Bass.

Rather than trying to get back together with him, she genuinely tries to move on, feeding the ducks and taking some time alone just like Dorota suggested earlier.

As for Jenny's plan, Chuck accurately predicted that Serena's passive-aggressiveness drove Nate straight to her. Nate feels rejected by S and J tries to make a move.

She tries to kiss him, but he still resists, unaware that Serena sees the whole thing. Serena learns Jenny never gave Nate the message about going to see her dad.

Just like that, Nate gets the message through his man-bangs and Jenny's scheming is exposed. He orders her to get out and he and S have a heart-to-heart. Wow.

We did not see that coming, did you? Jenny's evil plan seemed destined to work, and we also thought Chair might end up back together after all the head-butting.

Where do you see Jenny's story going now that she's been exposed? Will Chuck and Blair reunite and how? Does Lily even have cancer and what is Dr. VDW up to?

All in all, a decent episode that was entertaining throughout and left us with a bunch of burning questions heading into May. Share your thoughts with us below!

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl?


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"so they can go be stupid together. " that cracked me up, and i agree


It was alright; I still dont buy the Serena/Nate "grand" love, it's too flighty, both of them have been in love with half the show's cast. I think it'll do Jenny good to leave for a while and hopefully her character will be back stronger than this. I'm glad they're milking the Chair breakup but I think it's only time before they get back together, these two are meant to be.
One more episode to hate Vanessa, she's so stupid but then again I dont like Dan much so they can go be stupid together.


i so hope that they will make jenny a bit more honest now, 'cause i want nate to se her like the beautiful girl she really is and not just a "kid"


Erin, I so agree with you! Also, Dr. VDW is definitely scheeming... I would not be surprised if Lily´s relaps was fake. No idea what he wants, but I hope Rufus or anyone else kicks his ass back to where he came from. The show needs a stable couple like Kirsten & Sandy on the OC. Of course, there´s always trouble - otherwise it would get boring, but it must be the kind of couple that we know will survive. Chuck and Blair not getting back together was obvious and just right, anything else would not have been realistic.


the writers ruined jenny. the end. lol


looooveeee this episode so much..!! finally, jenny is out of serenate life..nate, im glad he said no when jenny tried to kiss him..and blair, as always, she always says the right thing at the right moment..and chuck, he is back on being a bastard..
and dr. van der woodsen, i love your dirty work, get rufus and the humprey out of van der woodsen's life..
and dorota, i always love her..and her character is so charming..


Good episode, BUT THE WRITERS FAILED AT polishing the momentum. Yous ee, they made a big trailer for the Serenate-jenny crossover and while they continued the hype, the failed at making the momentum work for the viewers. I am certain disappointed at how they made Serena react when she caught nate and jenny. blake did it well, but the lines were awful. Of all the things she could say back to jenny, all she was asked to do was roll her eyes? REALLY? thats now an UES bitch does it. BAD BAD scene. Show more Serena-jenny encounter on the next few episodes please and LET US EXPERIENCE THE OLD SERENA DECISIVELY DEVOUR JENNY AND SPREAD PAIN ALL OVER JENNY'S NEW LAIR OF ETERNAL HELL AND SUFFERING. Bottom line, make jenny pay all of her shit trillion times.


Ah, Jenny. Of course the writers will shut her out as soon as they get what they think is a good Serena plotline. Mind you, it is good that for once she's not 'in love' with some random new guy and running off being all wild and free-spirited (seriously, how many times have they tried to sell us that?) but nonetheless I cringe every time I see her onscreen. Jenny will get the Blair treatment from season 1 (you know the one; being endlessly punished for her deeds, where everyone else can get away with the very same). Then she'll get the Serena treatment and go to boarding school, though I'd much prefer if they shipped her off to work with Eleanor in France or smoke hash with Taiwanese prostitutes (what, it worked for Chuck). But, what can we do. The 12 year olds watching Gossip Girl will all point torches at her, spewing hate and shouting out murderous threats on Youtube comment boards, sometimes stopping to mention their neverending love of Serenate. A character must NOT have flaws! She must be made of sunshine and prettiness and laugh A LOT and be perfect, otherwise... burn, bitch, burn.


So that Jenny lost Nate -good. She needs someone with a brain. Nate is an idiot for taking back Serena. She will cheat on him and I will laugh:)
Chair not getting back together...honestly i would have said boo, but honestly I am a Blair fan over a Chair fan and I like the return of her backbone.
How Lily treats Rufus?-Watch out everyone that is Nate and Serena in about 25 years. She is a selfish witch and since when do rich people not get second and third opinions? When their doctors are ex husbands that left you and your kids?? That made sense. Best line of the show was when Daddy Vanderwoodsen told Serena that he understood Lily wanted to provide a stable life for her children...um hasn't she been married 7 times (twice in the past couple of years!) and been an absentee mother most of the time? I almost choked. I believe the writers should be required to warn us when they are going to say ridiculous things on the show... And Vanessa being ticked at Dan? She is horrible. She went behind his back and took what he was dreaming for, he accidentally screwed her over and then tried to make it right. She still isn't trying to make it right. Leave it to the self righteous Vanessa to make the morally straight Dan feel bad about himself!

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