Gossip Girl Review: "The Unblairable Lightness of Being"

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Should Blair have forgiven Chuck? Will she and Dan hook up? Can Serena and Nate get past this? Should Jenny Humphrey be rolled up in a carpet and tossed off a bridge?

Wedding bells were a-ringing on Gossip Girl Monday, but the joy experienced by long-suffering maid Dorota belied the deceit, drama and unraveling of other relationships.

This is the Upper East Side, after all. A Dorota-centric episode might have made "The Unblairable Lightness of Being" boring at times, but was plenty to keep it compelling.

Bittersweet and emotional, alternately scandalous and sweet, over-the-top serious and then hilarious (was that "I Got a Feeling" on accordion?!), this was still vintage GG.

We start with Chuck and Blair, still reeling from last week and the awful situation he put her in, and wants forgiveness for. He says they're inevitable, and he may be right.

But did he push it too far this time, even by UES standards?

In typical Chuck fashion, he senses opportunity and goes for it, agreeing to throw Dorota a lavish wedding because he's such a good guy ... and wants Blair to realize it.

Mr. and Mrs. Dorota!

It's not that simple, of course. They still dispute who’s at fault for what happened with Jack, and Blair confesses (to Dan of all people) that she’s also angry with herself.

She doesn’t who she becomes when she's around Chuck. That's a new, interesting twist - B isn't just crushed, but questioning whether she and C even belong together.

Vanya and Dorota happily wed, which really was cute, despite the obvious plot hole of how Chair qualified as the "happy couple" that the ceremony required participate.

Afterward, Blair tells Chuck they can't be together because ... wait for it ... she’s afraid she loves him too much. It stings. She walks away into the arms of Dan to dance.

Might this be the long-rumored Dan and Blair hookup that fans have predicted? Or just an innocent dance on the bumpy road that is the inevitable love story of Chair?

Meanwhile, there's Jenny. Oh, there's Jenny alright.

The devious one is still doing all she can to break up Nate and Serena, and it's not cool. However, Serena basically lobs her a softball by secretly meeting Carter Baizen.

He's back in NYC with intel on her dad, which is basically what brought him here to begin Season 3. Naturally, Nate catches them sneaking around and naturally, S lies.

Later, Serena explains to Nate that Carter knows something about her dad, and after distrustful Nate tells her not to see him, she snaps that he can't order her around.

At Dorota’s wedding, Carter shows up and tells Serena that he knows where the doctor is and has been this whole time: Palm Beach, Florida. He also bought her a ticket.

Of course, this being Baizen, there's always another layer. When S learns he held out on that info for a week just to have an excuse to see her, she goes to Florida solo.

Probably for the best there, S. Guy is bad news! We love that Carter keeps coming back, but this time it seemed a tad forced. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised later.

The drama continues when she calls Nate from Florida and Jenny picks up his GD phone. Serena asks Jenny to please have Nate call her, and to tell her she loves him.

Jenny will be doing nothing of the sort, thankyouverymuch.

What do you suppose Jenny's endgame is? No way this is going to end well. No way. Will her scheming get her what she wants, or ultimately drive her out of the UES?

Meanwhile, there was a cute side plot with Eric and his new crush, Elliot, who he learns has a girlfriend, but is actually bisexual ... with a crush on Eric. That's a new one!

Speaking of Humphreys, van der Woodsens and relationships, Rufus' story line is about to tie in to Serena's in a big way when Lily lies, of course, about her whereabouts.

Does that woman ever tell the truth? When he can't get a hold of his wife and CeCe won’t tell him where Lily is either, Rufus remains clueless at the end. But we do not.

When Serena knocks on the door to what we can only assume is her father’s hotel room in Florida, none other than Lily answers the door in a bathrobe. Great ending.

What did you think of this Gossip Girl episode? What were your favorite and least favorite aspects last night? Comment away and vote below!


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I don't get why people are hating DAIR. It would be so nice for them to get together. I mean yeah, Chair will probably pull through but the writers have been hinting at Dair for a while. Chair is so fucking messed up, I don't think they could ever last in real life. I mean love is suppose to be more comforting than this game they always play. Go Dair! There is a thin line between love and hate people!


Does anyone knows what handbag was Serena vdW carrying, when she bumped onto Carter on the street in this episode?? Thanks!


yey! DAIR,, i think it's ok to have DAIR for awhile, i mean everyone dated anyone except for blair and dan,, (serenaxnate,serenaxdan,jennyxnate,jennyxchuck{forced},blairxnate,blairxchuck,vanessaxdan,vanessaxnate,vanessaxchuck{onenight},serenaxchuck{forced}) so i think it's only fair for them to date each other for "AWHILE". i mean it's kinda cute to see them together when we all know they can't stand each other.


The Chair relationship got really boring this season, so Dair would be refreshing to see. Plus, I don't understand what is with all the "ew" or "gross" comments about a Dan and Blair relationship. Also, though I did want Chuck and Blair to get together last season, Chuck made a deal with his uncle that his girlfriend will sleep with him. It would be stupid and messed up for her to stay with a guy who would do something like that. I felt disgusted when Chuck was all smiling and acting like it was mainly Blair's own fault.


I think most of the fans have turned into Dair shippers now!
I personally wouldn't want Dair to happen but since so many of you are requesting for it then I guess it'll probably happen....
If Blair dares to Dair then how about hooking Chuck up with Serena? then they could've have PDA all the time in public...Blair will be so jealouuussssss!!! Its really not fair to make Chuck the one who's jealous of Blair all the time!
Chuck with Serena will 100% make Blair very jealoussss....its different with Nate cos he's only a childhood love for Blair but we know her true love is Chuck. Seeing Chuck and Serena making out in public will definitely make Blair jealous and insecure again....I, for one, would love to see that!


Firstly I'll start off by saying that I love Chuck and Blair and I would love me some Chuck Bass, but the last couple of episode they've been a bit blah and they same level of chemistry (which they giving to Serena & Nate) just wasn't there...they were making seem like a middle aged couple who have been together for years rather than teenagers who have only been together for a couple of months! They needed to be having more fun, there r/ship doesn't always need to be centered around drama drama drama!!! All that being said, C&B, one way or another will end up together, without a doubt which is AWESOME, cos as somebody else said they are GOSSIP GIRL! So in meantime, I think it'd be pretty cool exploring the Dan & Blair R'ship. i actully think they'd be really good one another, Dan, would help Blair be a little more real and down to earth (we might even seee her in a pair of Jeans!!!) and i think Blair will help Dan to get out of this own head and not be so self righteous! I really hope the develop this storyline for now...but at the every end the way I'd love to see played out is Chuck and Blair. Dan and Serena. Nate and Vanessa and Jenny in a land far far away...all that black eyeliner is making Lil'J a total NIGHTMARE!!!
With regards to Lily, I think she is actully really sick and that why shes gone to see DR Vanderwoodsen but just maybe falling back in love with him...I just want Ruus to b e happy...maybe he'll end up with Vanessa...haha


no way can blair and dan get together they're like the couple thats never menat to be ! as for jenny , nate and serena mm getting a bit annoying but im seriously hating on jenny she should honestly just back off , doesnt she get that serena and nate belong together !?!
grrr .. chuck is so sweet but what he did was wrong .. he should do something amzaing to show that he loves blair enough for her to take him back ! , wait a minute didn't serena stop looking for her dad ? if she did why has she started again ?? ... good episode though just enough with the whole jenny wanna bvreak up nate and serena thing coz thats not enteraining thats just anooying -.-

Kimberly anne

I hate this episode to in so many ways yet I love at the same time.
The whole Nate and Serena and Jenny thing is taking too long to blow over, so I'm glad something is going to go down withe them next episode. It is getting soooooo boring. I love when Chuck said to Nate something about him being naive. So true. I love when Chuck didses Nate and Serena, when he said something about up until not the only thing they had to worry about was "whose hair is more shiny." Haha
The return of Carter Baizen was not at all exciting in any way. The producers just make him pop oout of nowhere, still claiming to looking for Serena's dad. Umm, didn't he and her had this huge thing going before he left, did they just forget all about that? I find it disappointing because it seemed to be very out of character.
So the past week Lily has been spending time with Serena's dad? Sooooo scandalous, is I haven't heard that storyline like 100 times.
What I do NOT like at ALL is Dan getting into the midst of it all. This awkward, mumbling fool needs to stay out of it because right now I am getting a sense that he is going to be in part of Blair's life more than before, whether Vanessa is there or not. I am absolutely disgusted by the idea of Dan and Blair, I can't even stand the idea of them as friends. Plus something else that was out of character was how Blair became nice to Dan so soon. Just because the Humpreys married into money, doesn't make them high class. B
The best part of the episode was Chuck and Blair. They had so many good lines. The speech Chuck said to Blair at her house while getting ready for the wedding, was so romantic. I completely forgot about what he did to her last week. However, the one with Blair and Chuck alone and him giving her a necklace was kind of weird because the plotline started talking about Blair hating her relationship with Chuck, which is not true at all. I was almost in tears and not in a good way when Blair said to Chuck closer to the end, "I hate who I've become with you." I thought that quote just ruin everything that is Chair and again it is not true at all. Chuck and Blair are suppose to be who they want to be with each other, no one else. Though sometimes they bring out the worst, Chuck and Blair also brings out the best in each other. Honestly, I felt as if the writers were aking them run around the bush for the entire episode. Nothing new was really elevating from there story. That is not to say their story wasn't good because it was in fact the best one in the episode. I feel like it was just one bi coversation Chuck and Blair was having but keep getting cut off at times. Of course the one epic quote of the entire episode has got to be when Blair said to Chuck along the line of, "I never thought I could love something this much." This is enough fact to proove why they belong together not with anybody else. Best Couple Ever.
One thing I have to say is how sexy Chuck looked throughout the episode and how prett y Blair's dress and makeup and hair was.
Base on the promo next episode doesn't seem promising for a Chair reunion anytime soon, so I guess all there is to do is hope that it will and to take Josh and Steph words for it.
Chair Forever!!!!!

Uche bass

Having dan and blair get together is not just abt having a fresh look, it's disgusting because of what it implies, that YOU SHOULD HOOK UP WITH ALL THE GUYS YOU KNOW AND SEE WHAT FITS! which I don't think anyone really believes so why DO IT???????? SINCE WE CAN ALL AGREE THAT CHUCK AND BLAIR ARE ENDGAME, WHY WOULD THEY SLEEP WITH SOMEONE ELSE JSUT BECAUSE THEY HIT A HUGE BUMP IN THE ROAD FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP???!!!! that's not love, thats some kind of sick and twisted thinking. yes chuck eas wrong doing what he did but they can work through it, they could just take a break and then get back together WITHOUT HOOKING UP WITH ANYONE INBETWEEN THAT TIME!!!!!!!
having sex should still remain SACRED to some ppl and in seasson 1, that was all blair was abt, cherishing her body!!!!! WHAT I'M SAYING IS THAT DAN AND BLAIR AS A COUPLE IS VILE, DISGUSTING AND MORALLY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why couldn't they just be friends and keep it in their pants?! thats not asking too much!


I will vomit if dair happens.

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Blair: [to Chuck] I don't like who I've become with you.
Chuck: Wait, Blair, don't bail on me, we have to see this through to the end.

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