Gossip Girl Spoilers: Vanessa Leaving Town?!

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There's craziness coming our way as the third Gossip Girl season winds down, and aside from whether Chair and Serenate end up together, we may say goodbye to a familiar face.

Or two.

On the heels of the news that the meddling Jenny may be leaving the Upper East Side this season, it looks like another female regular will be heading off into the sunset.

The question is whether anyone minds - or wants her to come back.

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According to reports, Vanessa will be leaving not only New York but the country before the end of the season, running off to accept a very fancy, far away job with CNN.

Jessica Szohr is the second female, along with Taylor Momsen's MIA Little J, to depart New York City - however both ladies will still be listed as series regulars next fall.

As for what Little J will do that leads to her departure, word has it "it's a culmination of lots of things Jenny does to multiple people." That doesn't sound good at all.

In the short term, don't expect Serena to continue to sit idly by now that she knows Jenny tried to hone in on Nate. The two are headed for some rough times ahead.

What do you think drives J out of town - and are you excited to be rid of Vanessa, albeit temporarily? Should she even come back? Sound off below!

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no Dair!!!
I want to see Dan getting serious with Georginaaaaa!!!!!!
their characters are totally opposite G being the evil and D the angel, they'll balance each other out!
and it will be cute seeing G being serious with a guy! We've never seen him really fallen for someone rite?


Personally, I'm hoping for Dan to get together with Blair, even if only for a short while. With his relationship with Vaesaa heading for the crapper and her leaving town, Dan is in need of a new storyline. This would serve to realize my dreams of seeing Dair, bring Dan back into a story involving the rest of the GG main cast and provide a possible stepping stone for everyone else's precious Chair to be reunited. Let me dream at least.


Who do you think Dan will date now that Vanessa is leaving? I hope not Willa; she is as irritating as Vanessa.


When Vanessa leaves! Yay!! What storyline will Dan have because without her I think he is useless (not saying Dan is useless I love his character but what could they do with his character after she leaves?). What I would like to see is Dan maybe has a one-night stand with a girl and gets her pregnant! I could so totally see him as a Dad!!


I'm cut about Jenny leaving that bitch was FIERCE! But the fact that Vanessa is leaving has answered all my prayers. I wanted her to leave since the beginning, hate her soo much - SO annoying --->>> D:


well, in a spin off series of the books, jenny goes to boarding school. so maybe thats where she's going..? im not sure about jessica.


So glad Vanessa is leaving. She is just incapable of any chemistry with any of the guys on the show. Her and Dan.... their romantic scenes sick me out. She was awful and boring with Chuck... ewwww... and Nate was barely tolerable. She just did not fit... Jenny - not really going to miss her. I love Blair, Chuck, Serena, Nate and Dan and Eric......Would be cool if they brought in someone too for the show. Maybe a rival for Dan and a girl best friend for Eric?


no we are not being mean to her because she DATED (note the past tense) Ed! We have no problem with Ed dating....lets say Dianna Agron plays Vanessa and dates Ed, I think Vanessa will probably have more fans than Serena LOL and rating might really go down if she leaves....so you see its not because she was Ed's gf! Its because we just dont like Jessica simple as that!


i really don't enjoy watching vanessa! i hope she NEVER comes back.
she's a complete bore. her voice annoys me. COMPLETE WASTE OF SCREEN TIME!


You people here are just plain immature, delusional & sad bunch of people. Not all of you but most of you are, anyway. Your lives must have been so pitiful that you relish on such dysfunctional, unrealistic and ridiculously dramatic lives of Gossip Girl. What's worst is that you hated a girl like Jessica Szohr simply for one reason and one reason only; jealousy. If Jessica is not dating Ed Westwick I'm sure you would be kinder to her. Your judgement of her is blinded by envy and nothing that she does would ever make you see her any differently. I laughed at your comments on her acting; who are you to judge? If you think you're such great actresses than she is then how come it's not you who's acting in Gossip Girl? If she's not a good actress the producers wouldn't have taken her in at the first place. And someone even commented on her voice? God, Blake Lively's tone of voice is far worst & monotone but you seems to think that it's perfect because you don't have the hots for her real life boyfriend. Reading your comments here makes me think that America is full of dumb people.

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