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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 204

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Welcome, Grey's Anatomy fanatics, to the 204th edition of our weekly Caption Contest.

Lots of great options to choose from, but this week's Caption Contest winner is April_J.


Honorable mentions go out to superbutterfly7 and marriedmymcdreamy. Thanks to all for playing and show us what you've got with next week's Grey's Anatomy picture!


Mark: How about 'Calslona'....
Callie: How about NO!

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    MarK: nice mustache!
    CalliE: nice lipstick!!!


    Callie; I know grey hair looks distinguished, but how about a bit of color? Or one of those products for men that tones down the grey?

    Mark; I am not Derek, I don't do the amount of hair product he does. My charm works regardless of my hair color! I am not called McSteamy for nothing


    please enunciate!


    Callie: ok i give up, whats your super power?

    Mark: im shooting love lasers into your eyes


    Callie: You make everything dirty!
    Mark: I have the magic touch.


    Callie: You never let me join the dirty mistresses club

    Mark: You didn't qualify for memebership. But Izzie could have

    Callie: In that case Lexie does!

    Mark / Callie: Hmmph


    LOL! Hahaha.

    Mark: Cinnamon rolls, donuts, croissant...
    Callie: What are you doing?
    Mark: The word 'poundcake' got banned.

    (:P I'm going to laugh probably everytime I hear the word poundcake.)


    Hm now that I'm thinking, maybe tháts what they say?!

    Mark: Another poundcake-joke?
    Callie: No, thanks!

    (sorry, couldn't resist ;-) )


    "Calslona" and "sex? no" are defenitely the best ones! :D
    (and the poundcake is getting really old already)


    Mark: Pound cake, why all the fuss? I'm the icing on any cake

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