Heroes Might Actually Get Renewed

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As a rather harsh critic of Heroes, I'll try to deliver this news with the stoicism of Tom Brokaw:

NBC is seriously considering renewing the show for a fifth season.

Primetime President Angela Bromstad made that announcement this week, as she spoke to reporters about the network's recent pick-up of Parenthood.

Asked about other shows on the bubble, specifically Chuck and Heroes, Bromstad indicated that each would receive a 13-episode order for the 2010-2011 season.

Nathan's Funeral

Seen here, HRG, Claire and Peter are sadly NOT attending the funeral for Heroes.

"It is all yet to be debated," she said. "Both of those shows make sense with the new shows we'll be bringing on."

They do? What new shows will NBC be bringing on? True Hollywood Stories: Terribly Constructed Dramas That Make Everything Up As They Go Along and the Networks That Won't Cancel Them?!?

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The reason ppl put so much stock in season 1 is because it was great, the way they told the stories of the char's the way they connected different char's to each other and the way they connected everyone to a main storyline, thats all dissapeared since season 2, thats why there was so much hype about the first season it was just done to a very good standard.


Please, please, PLEASE on Chuck! I have no strong feelings either way on Heroes. I stopped watching a long time ago, but I have friends who love it.


Chuck fans are fighting hard for S4 on Twitter. That would be a great Birthday present if Chuck get S4. The show continues to improve each week.


Tbh 13 episodes is wayyy to much. Honestly I will admit, I don't like the show any more, i have the final 9 episodes of season 4 saved to watch later on, yeah it feels like a chore. I mean it's so boring and depressing. I say give it 8 episodes, and expand onto more exciting, new characters for the final part of the series, while keeping the others on the backburner, and get rid of T Bag, he was good in Prison Break, not in Heroes, the actor clearly isn't concerned with being typecast... Hopefully NBC announce a 6 week *exciting* Heroes event (2 hour premiere + finale) and shock the fans it's lost by pumping out something of equal to or greater than the quality of season 1. Fire Tim Kring and never let him work on a show again!


I think people put too much "stock" in season 1, it wasn't that gr8, sure they had some gems, but i love the show. it's not perfect but hey I'm still watching and obviously other people are too. (I won't lie though, I'm mostly in LOVE with Noah, Peter and SYLAR.)


Yeah ok let's keep hoping they get it right this time. For fucks sake let this shit die already.


I don't remeber Bromstad saying anything about Heroes getting 13 episodes. I know that it's a rumor, but I never heard of it coming directly from NBC. Source, please, writer?


Well, even if the last seasons aren't so great, it annoys me how some people want it to end it. I mean, there are still a few people who like the show (me included) and even some of those who aren't fans like they use to be, they still watch it in order to know how it ends. Like I said before, I don't care if the next season is crappy or not. However I've been following this show for quite a long time and If I don't know how it would end I will feel frustated, since I wasted a lot of hours of my life watching it. I wonder if they'll do a spin-off, since I don't understand how Heroes might affect upcoming shows. The thought of a spin-off is waht scares me the most, because usually I hate spin-offs. But if they do one, I hope it is about the Carnival, since they had tons of carnies with yet unknown powers.


Lets hope they get it right this time and get back to the status of season 1. They just got to do the opposite of everything they did in season 3 & 4.lol


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[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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