House Spoilers: Season Finale Mystery to Come!

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A year ago at this time, House was headed toward a mental breakdown.

Now, many months after a stay in a mental hospital and a long time since he popped a Vicodin pill, it's hard to say how House is doing. He's still cranky... but he's trying to be a better person... but he's getting fazed out of relationships with his BFF and his crush.

That's why we're happy to hear from Katie Jacobs. In an interview with, the producer shed some light on our favorite television doctor and spilled some spoilers on where things might be going next season:

Is House truly on the path to recovery?
It sort of seems like in every episode there’s a new revelation about how well he really is doing. How is he faring just taking ibuprofen for the pain? Is that working? In episode 17 he was stuck in that room for two hours with David Strathairn and we found out he is in pain. And from now until the end of the season, there’s going to be something that challenges House’s [sobriety] in almost every episode.

Patient Exam

How will Wilson's relationship with Sam affect him?
If that relationship progresses to the point where they want to live together, what does that mean for House? Does he stay or does he go? Little by little House is going to find that he’s pretty much on his own again.

Will Cuddy remain with Lucas?
It’s addressed, so far as, “Okay, am I going to make this work with Lucas? Can I stay with Lucas?” It is going to be addressed by the end of the season whether or not she thinks she can.

What will happen on the season finale?
In the final episode there’s an unanswered question with one of our actors and it’s a mystery that will play out over next season.

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