Human Target Review: "Tanarak"

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Can we just say one thing… mind-numbing!  

This week on Tanarak, Chance is hired to help save a doctor from a major cover-up involving a mining company and a toxic chemical responsible for a miner’s death.

Our favorite part of this episode was the obvious chemistry between Chance and the lady of the week!  But come on, Chance always has the way with the ladies.  He is confident and sexy, and the women can’t stay away!  With that being said…

Tanarak Scene

We know there are many fans out there that enjoy Human Target, but honestly this show has become way to predicable.

  • Chance is hired to protect someone, and of course he is able to quite successfully, without much difficulty.  
  • Winston and Guerrero are always there to help him figure out anything he needs to solve the case.
  • There is always a bit of comedy and satire between the characters.

That is it, end of story!

Come on… let’s face it.  Human Target is a redundant, repetitive action thriller.  

We learned nothing more of Chance’s past, and I think this is the main problem with the show.  

People enjoy feeling connected to the characters they watch on TV, and there really is no connection to Christopher Chance, no connection to Winston and Guerrero.  

Chance is just a private contractor hired to defend people each week, no super human powers like portrayed in the DC comic this series is based on.  

Until next week’s identical lackluster show, we leave you with a few of our preferred Human Target quotes:
Winston: Hey. You remember what I said about that place. They don't like strangers, so don't go up there screwing around or nothing. Just blend in and keep a low profile.
Chance: Hey, it's me! | permalink
Shaw: A mercenary with a heart of gold.
Chance: I prefer death retardant specialist. | permalink
Chance: Hey, you want to take Carmine for a walk?
Winston: No.
Chance: Neither do I, so this is how he gets his exercise. | permalink


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This show is good.But I just like melt with the ladies in this episode. The doctor from the Island. Her smile is so sweet especially at the last scene when she take a lift after saying goodbye to Chance. Anyone can help me to figure out who she really is? I mean her real name. She seems so familiar and I know her from some tv/movies before but can't recall it.


This is a great Show!!! Love it completely. Find people are too critical. I read some complaints that it's too predictable, its too this or that. IT's TV, there is limited time to tell such complicated stories!! just sit back and enjoy the ride. It's meant to entertain, not disect and pick apart. Fox said from the beginning they didn't want to disguise Chance. Which is a smart move if they want to please their female audience. Super power would be disappointing, he's great the way he is. Like Jason Boune. He can do everything!!! Love the Bounce Movies, chance is just like Bourne. Just extremely super cool!!


Great show, People are wwaaayyy to critical. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. It's only a 1 hr tv show. How much detail and info can you pack into one show. Fox producers never indended him to be in disguise, that was never the plan. Just like movies made from books it's not "exactly" the same. Beside I Think fox is smart enough to realize the female audience doesn't want Valley in disguise. They want to see "him". It is extremely difficult to make everyone audience member happy in a 1 hour show. Just enjoy the ride. It's about time we have a real hero to watch. The super powers would take away from his character. He's like a Jason Bourne to me. Can do it all. I love the bourne movies and his character reminds me of that. Excellent show, it needs to stay around. We haven't had this kind of a fun show forever!!!


I agree with Agent SAHM - This show is way too predictable and kind of boring. Every episode is the same thing - you really think the dialog between the characters is that great? Really?
It's always a bad idea to quote Wikipedia on anything. Anyone can log on and say whatever rant they want to about the comic Human Target. He is suppose to have the power of disguise and the ability to transform. Other than cheap costumes, I haven't seen anything notable yet.


Ah, another SG1 and SGA fan :) I agree, this is a totally enjoyable show to just sit back and enjoy with feeling a need to break it down for discussion - you know Chance will win, you know the person-in-distress will survive, and you just might get some background. You also get banter, snark and great character interaction - just like SG1 and SGA :)


"Chance is just a private contractor hired to defend people each week, no super human powers like portrayed in the DC comic this series is based on." Abilities: Master impersonator, great athlete, skilled detective, marksman and martial artist. How has he not used his powers? He's done pretty much everything listed. He's not Superman.

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Human Target Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Chance: Hey, you want to take Carmine for a walk?
Winston: No.
Chance: Neither do I, so this is how he gets his exercise.

Shaw: What's this for?
Chance: Travel money, so you can keep pushing your boulder uphill.